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24.11.2008, 13:43

Is there anyone having a engine on a Paritech Fox, electric or turbine or...

I am thinking of electric but I am not sure if the power is god enought.

As a glider it flies very well but it is not so easy to find a tug to pull me up:(

24.11.2008, 20:41
Hi Kenneth,

I saw you had the same question on the RC-Groups Forum.

When you use the search function ("suchen"" in the menu above) on this forum for the words Fox and Turbine, you get the following threads of which some could be of interrest ( I hope you understand some german):

Furthermore I have a french comrade who has integrated a turbine in a recess in the fuselage of his large Salto. Works very well.


Sebastian St.
25.11.2008, 18:18



25.11.2008, 19:08
Hi Ken,
I own a "little" 1:3 Rosenthal FOX with 13,5Kg weight. Since march this year I fly this glider with an AXI5330/24, 10s Lipo and 20x13 Prop. Very easy to handle. The FOX take off with a EMC-Vega Scale rubber. As soon as the glider is airborn I start the motor. No problem at all with this weight.
I think it should be possible to electrify your FOX with an AXI5345/16, battery 12s Lipo and a 23x12 Prop.
Maybe you ask some manufacturer of BLDC motors what motor they suggest for your FOX.

Best regards,

05.01.2009, 07:45
I orderd a K-25 from JK-klapptriebwerk, will get in february.:)

Thank you all.

I keep you updated, with installation and testflight.


25.03.2009, 15:40

I choose to buy a JK klapptriebwerk and it is very impressive in size and quality.:D

I got it last week, but been busy with private things with my family. But I have done something on it, I have tested it on a bench to make sure it is working - 100% satisfaction, perfect. But there were alot of work to put in to it, like programming enginecontroller, sequenser, mounting the K-25 and also all the soldering of contacts.;)264993, 264994 , 264995, 264996, 264997, 264998, 264999.

I keep you updated until next time, have god day of flying.

Best Regards
Kenneth-IGG Sverige