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24.12.2008, 16:57
Could someone that have an Alpina 5001 tell me the distance between the trailing egde of the stab and the bottom of the rudder, with an EWD of 1,5 degrees? Please look at the attached picture.



24.12.2008, 17:46
Hi Stein,
you don't need that. Just take the center of gravity from the manual and trim the elevator accordingly while flying. :)

24.12.2008, 20:38

Yes I know, but to make it easier for myself on maiden flight I would like to get it as correct at possible at start.

So they who knows the measurement as shoen above, please let me know.


Jens Ising
25.12.2008, 09:56
Stein möchte gerne das rot gekennzeichnete Maß bei einer eingestellten EWD von 1,5° wissen.

Könnte ihm mal ein netter Alpina 5001 Besitzer helfen?

29.12.2008, 00:22
You can try to contact Jochen Zaiser - www.torcman.de.
He is flying a ALPINA 5001 electro.


Joachim Regel
29.12.2008, 00:41
Hello Kingfisher,
depending on the exact position of the CG the distance you ask might be different.
Try to follow the setting for the CG and set the elevator accordingly to the middle position marked in the rudders fin.- I made the same with my Alpina 4001.
If all flaps are in the middle position, you will have no issue for the maiden flight.
CG is 85-95 mm from the wings nose. So one reason for the missing info is that broad variation and of course little manufacturing tolerancens.
Here the link to the german manual..I may ask Tangent for infos.
Good luck and send some pictures after your flight or during it...

Jo from www.skyandcamerafly.de
;) :)

29.12.2008, 18:32
...CG is 85-95 mm from the wings nose...

"Wing’s nose" = Leading edge ;)