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19.07.2010, 06:39
Hi guys,
first of all I have to apologize writing to you in English in a German forum.
I am able to read most of your posts and my wife helps me a lot.

She majored in German, but my German writing is lousy at best. . .:D

I fought my way through Ralph's website in the Google translated version and found the biggest compilation on the subject matter I've ever seen.
Oh man, what a guy.
And the motor winding/tuning etc. is not even his profession from what I understand.
Wherever I found stuff in regards to this matter on the net, Ralph was present with links to his website or copied tables and drawings etc. . .

That's the reason why I am asking you, if I could ask some questions here and get some help in understanding some basics.
I am a pretty handy guy and can adapt and comprehend, but need first some guidance. The information being overwhelming would be an understatement.;)

If you are able to, you can write in English, but German is also an option.


19.07.2010, 07:23
whats your forename?

of course you can ask your questions in english too.
most of as are able to understand it and help you.

I will put your post in an new thread.
so lets do this special thread complete in english......

one question back: where by hell is "three rivers"?


best regards,

19.07.2010, 16:03
Hi Ralph,
I am surprised that you take/have the time to answer, with all the forums you attend. . .;)

My little home town is located in Texas, Live Oak County, of course.
Where else could it be?;)
All the others, you mentioned above, just stole the name from us. . .

Just kidding, Three Rivers is a very small little town between Corpus Christi and San Antonio and there is nothing going on, not even tourism.
I have to drive either to San Antonio or CC to get parts, when I am in need of some.

Yeah, if you can put me in a new thread, that'll be great. I wanted to open a thread, but I didn't know how to. I am not that experienced in this kind of communications.
And in a new thread I am not a bother to all the others with my probably stupid questions. . .:D

Oh, and btw. my name is Benjamin.
I was wondering already, because most of the attendees in a forum have a "forum name", but use still their real name as a signature.
And others like you, use their real name all the time. . .


19.07.2010, 16:35
Hi Benjamin,

welcome to the slightly mad world of brushless motor enthusiasts! Obviously, it had to be Texas - what else ;)

To start a new thread, use this link (http://www.rc-network.de/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=245) and hammer away! Most if not all of us know English, so we'll help get you started.

Kind regards,

19.07.2010, 16:59

now you have your own thread.
thanks for your informations, google earth just showed me, where you are living.

and now your questions.... ;)

best regards,

19.07.2010, 22:57
A feature which is missing here. Different language packs for the forum would be great.
Because you can easily translate questions, reply, etc but its more difficult with the forum features.

Ben, a little hint: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/index.php this site is 100% English and there are also a lot of experts around ;).

Btw: I do not want to steal Ralphs costumers xD!

20.07.2010, 00:30
Thanks for your welcome Ralph and Simon,
I have to thumb through my notes from the last weeks and then I'll throw some questions.
I don't want to ask too much stuff what has been answered already.

There is so much information here, it's hard to keep track. . .

@ JAyThaRevo
thanks for the link, I was there already, but to say it diplomatically, I think I get more quality information and help here.
No offense please, guys at rcgroups!;)
And often I got links there to Ralph's website anyway.

So, I thought going right to the source, is the shortest route and provides the steepest learning curve.
And my German heli needs a German "engineered" motor.:D


20.07.2010, 00:41

I resent that, I'm Austrian ;)

Language packs for the forum would surely be nice, maybe Ralph can ask the admins whether they can install some - however, not knowing german at all, it's going to be tough to glean any info here, anyway.

BTW - what german heli?

Kind regards,

20.07.2010, 07:42
Hi Ben,

Do you allready know this one:


But go ahead with your questions, we will give advice if posible.

20.07.2010, 14:21
@ Simon
it is a TDR. What else could it be?;)

@ Pierre
I saw the same building manual on Scorpion's website (translated by you)


20.07.2010, 17:29
a joker or a shape p.e.


20.07.2010, 20:28
a joker or a shape p.e.


True, I was considering the Joker 3DD and didn't know about the Shape when I ordered last year in spring.
But then I fell in love with the TDR's futuristic design and the excellent, interactive manual, which had been available already.
Not that the manual relates to the quality of the heli, but it let me "assemble" in advance and I was able to see the effort and thoughts Jan had put into it.

The Rexes are in the vast majority here, but I did not like the design at all and secondly they are pretty boring. . .;)

When the TDR finally arrived this year, I knew her already by heart.