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ruud zandvliet
08.01.2004, 13:47
Hi flieger,
Sorry for the english.
Wo can help me with poraver i want to use it for my molds.
But in holland i can only buy it with 25 sacks at once.
Who has the acces to one or two sacks and is willing to send it to holland.
Thanks ruud

M. Koch
08.01.2004, 14:25
Hi Ruud!
Your Poraver is on the way!
Im getting 200 liter the next week (i hope so) and can send you 100 l! Have you started your Tokoloschi-molds yet? I`ve finished my new Raketenwurm-molds last weekend!

Ciao, Marcus

ruud zandvliet
08.01.2004, 17:09
Hi marcus,

Many many thanks for that,the toko is not ready im still waiting for the original plugs.
They are rented at the moment but they should be back for 3 weeks now.
I call markus this week to ask.
thanks ruud