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23.11.2010, 18:23
How is the quality model Simprop solution 2.0 and how is the model? Because im looking for a new model and i look for Alpina 2501, Flamingo 2006 Simprop Solution 2.0 and BIG Excel is good to.
Which model is good?

27.11.2011, 11:43

I´m flying the Solution 2.0 since about 7 Years. I is a very good Allround Model. I´ve build in an Axi 2826/10 Motor with 4s 5000maH Battery.

The wings are very strong. Even if you like to fly fast style. But you can even float very good at bad weather conditions. But than better take an 3s Accu.

It depends on what your seeking for: Sol. 2.0 is NOT a pure slow Floater and not a Hotliner. But a good Plane for everything in between :)



27.11.2011, 16:04

I had the Solution 2 and the BigExcel in the past and I would prefer the BigExcel today. Reason: Years ago - if not still today, I don`t know - the rear part of the Solution 2 fuselage was(is?) quite heavy which required additional ballast even though I positioned the battery at its foremost position. At the end the plane was over 3 Kg and really fast.

Today I fly the Alpina 3001 with very satisfying results. The 2501 fuselage seems to be quite narrow and the wings are very sleek which reduces visibility if you want to fly high.

Thus, it is always difficult to answer a question like yours because you did not tell us what you are considering as "good" ...