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NZ Scythe
24.06.2003, 12:45

Sorry about the english... But my German is very bad... :) I am looking for a good .40 - .60 size funfly model to buy while in Germany next month.

I want something like Island Hobbies Capiche 50, but I do not know if this is available in Germany?


Can anyone suggest anything else similar? and where would be a good place to get one in Germany? I will be staying in Cologne.


(perhaps someone would be able to translate this into german for me?) :D


24.06.2003, 12:53
schau mal hier:


24.06.2003, 15:35
Dear Patrick,

very good are

MADNESS (for 7,5 ccm 2 stroke)
3D Flip 40 (for 10 ccm 2 stroke)

Both airplanes are ARF and ready in about 5-6 hours.

A ARF kits of the 3D Flip I have to sell. Im living about 80 km north from Cololgne.

I was 20 year member of the german national team and 3 times TOC competitor.

If you are interested, give me a mail.

Peter Wessels

NZ Scythe
25.06.2003, 13:03
Hi, Thankyou for the suggestions, Both models look very good!

I will have a look at them when I get there.

I really want to fly a model when I am in Germany, But I don't want to have to take a Radio set and engine with me..

I am looking foward to seeing some good flying while I am there!


NZ Scythe
26.06.2003, 14:28

Does anyone know if you can buy the Irvine WildCard 3D fun fly or the Funstar 3D model (same plane) in germany?


27.06.2003, 15:14
Hello Patrick

how long do you stay in Germany. Where are you going to stay in Cologne (large city) - if you will stay on the eastern side for only a few weeks, it would make sense to consider to come to Aachen as being the manufacturer for the Madness I would gladly give you the opportunity to fly with my private plane during all the period of your stay.

By the way - we are also the distributor for the Capiche you were talking about.

best regards
Alvin Braeckman

NZ Scythe
29.06.2003, 08:12
Hi Alvin!

That would be great, I'd love to see a range of models flying as I love 3D flying! The Madness looks great - and so does the Capiche 50...

I will be staying at Martin Luther Platz for about 4 weeks, That is close to the centre of Cologne, but as you said - Cologne is a big city! My girlfriend has a car so travel shouldn't be a problem.

What is your email address? I would like to get in contact with you before I leave.



29.06.2003, 13:08
Hallo Patrick

my e-mail address is quite simple


just give me a call when you leave!

Best regards

NZ Scythe
29.06.2003, 23:06
ahh - so you are Alvin Braeckman!

I have seen your website, you have some very nice models in your store!


Will be in touch