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NZ Scythe
03.10.2003, 01:30

I am from New Zealand. My Girlfriend is coming over to visit at Christmas. I was thinking it would be good if she could bing me a Funtana Pro 2m kit from Germany.

Could someone please tell me how big the box is?

Does anyone have any photos of the contents of the kit? are the parts all lazer cut?


Any other comments about the Funtana Pro would be much appreciated.

Patrick Murray
New Zealand

03.10.2003, 08:29
Why not ask here (http://www.emhw.de/)? ;)

Eckart Müller
03.10.2003, 09:53
Vielleicht hat er das gelesen?:


03.10.2003, 10:17

unluckily I have already threw away my Funtana Pro box. But I guess the box has approx. a size of 40 x 40 x 170 cm. But I'm not sure.

The kit is CNC milled and not laser cut. The parts fit quite precisly, but not as perfect as for example the Pilot kits.

Here are some pics of the raw construction (http://www.stud.unisg.ch/~jspillmann/pictures/funtana01.htm) and the finished plane in action (http://www.stud.unisg.ch/~jspillmann/pictures/funtana03.htm).

Jean-Claude Spillmann

NZ Scythe
05.10.2003, 23:11
Hi, Thanks for the help.

I sent an email to emhw but have had no response... I assumed they speak english - I may be wrong?

Spillmann - Great website - and thats one great looking Funtana!! I want one now!

Eckart Müller - What did your post say? I don't speak German sorry..

Does anyone have photos of the contents of the kit? It would be nice to see what I get before I order it.

Thanks again.

06.10.2003, 06:20

only in germam, but many pictures.
Funtana (http://www.rcflug.com/funtana.htm)


NZ Scythe
06.10.2003, 12:04
Thanks for the help guys,

Stefan - That site is great! Do you have a Funtana yourself?

I can't wait to get mine! I just have to wait to Christmas before I get it

Giacomo Kolks
06.10.2003, 12:36
Hello Patrick!

In Eckart's posting it's said, that technical questions should be asked by phone instead of E-Mail, because they don't have enough time to answer E-Mails.

I just don't know whether Mr. Weihershäuser is able to speak English, but I think so.

I hope, I could help a bit

08.10.2003, 13:08
Hallo Patrick. I have a funtana pro myself. My model is pouwerd by a 3w24 (a 24cc 2 stroke gasoline engine)it's weigt is 5.1 kilos and it flays beautifully, only for 3 D flaying it cut do with a bit more pouwer. I think a os 160 fx would be the engine of the choise. What engine are you going to use? The kit is of good quality but it teaks some experiece to built it.
The funtana pro is a very good choice and i'm sure you'r going to have a lot of fun with it.
MFG Oliver
PS: Were in New Zealand do you life?

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NZ Scythe
12.10.2003, 12:18
Hi OJ, Thanks for the comments.

I have an OS 160FX now that I plan to put in it, not sure what pipe I will use? I have a Jett Turbo In-Cowl muffler in my 2m Extra 260, I don't think it will fit in the Funtana cowl..

I have been building for many years now, so building the Funtana should be fun.

I live in a town called Balclutha in New Zealand, It is near the bottom of the South Island.



NZ Scythe
17.11.2003, 04:53
I have managed to find a guy in New Zealand who is Selling a Funtana Pro kit. His version has a flat tail section, I thought the Funtana Pro had the airfoil tail section and the Funtana S had the flat tail section?

What is the version with the airfoil section??

Jean-Claude Spillmann - your Funtana is the Pro Version isn't it? Why are some Funtana Pro being advertised with flat tail sections?

here are the two versions: http://www.rcflug.com/funtana.htm

Can somebody please tell me what is going on here??

Some of the Funtana Pro in the Gallery at: http://www.emhw.de/ also have flat tail sections..

Please help??

Olaf Sucker
17.11.2003, 13:39
Hello Patrick...!

The Funtana PRO never being advertised with a flat tail section.
The PRO has all times an airfoiled tail section!
I think the New Zealand guy will sell you an old Funtana S kit but not the PRO kit!

And the Funtana Gallery at www.emhw.de (http://www.emhw.de) is´nt only for the PRO. It´s an gallery for all Funtana pic´s!

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