Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Timingfrage Neumotors 1912/1Y mit CC Phoenix ICE 120HV

16.05.2011, 18:48
Hallo Zusammen
Kann mir jemand die optimalen Reglereinstellungen für den Motor nennen?
Gerne auch per PN. Möcht nix "kaputtoptimieren"!(-;
Viele Grüße Sebi

16.05.2011, 19:04
Da die 19er Serie 8polige Motoren hat sollten um die 15° Timing recht gut passen.

MfG Daniel

16.05.2011, 19:48

General Castle Creation ESC settings for all Neumotors:
1) LVC—settings depend on your setup and number of cells.
2) Current limit disabled for high F5B power setups—up to user for other applications.
3) Brake—depends on user needs. Sport planes usually have brake off. The newer versions of software offer user selectable braking for larger F3A and IMAC stunt planes.
4) Throttle type—fixed.
5) For most uses the low advance setting is best—motors have better efficiency. “Y” wind motors can use medium advance for a little more power or speed. “D” wind motors should always use low advance as there is no improvement with higher advance settings.
6) Cutoff—up to user.
7) Startup—depends on use. Sport planes the soft start is good. For contest planes the fast start is best.
8) PWM frequency –the lowest settings work well with all Neumotors 11/13KHz.

Gruss, Hans