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16.08.2011, 21:41
Guten Abend zusammen!
Die Fournier RF 4 von Bayer im Maßstab 1:2,5 gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich könnte mir das Modell mit einem 12S Elektroantrieb gut vorstellen. Ehe ich "zuschlage" hätte ich gerne eure Erfahrungen mit dem Modell erfahren: Qualität, Flugeigenschaften, Motorisierung, Gewicht etc.
Vorab vielen Dank. MfG Georg

17.08.2011, 22:01
Hallo Georg,
RF 4 fliegt wunderschön, akro-segler mit motor, perfekt :D

I have the 'eigenbau' version, not the ARF version available now, but as it is the same airframe, I have no problem highly recommending you to get a RF 4 1:2.5.

Only issue with the ARF version is probably the weight, to light in my opinion, but this can of course be changed..

My RF-4 weighs in at 18 Kg :eek: so no 5 meter take off runs and 60 degree climb outs, but much more like full size performance.. long take off runs, slow climb to height, dive for aerobatics, but hey, it can do a proper looooooong tailslide... try that with a light model.

Still working on scale details (cockpit, exhausts, registration numbers...).

Powersetup is an an Actro 60L-200, 14S3P A123 (~11-12S Lipo).
For testflights ~3kW with a 21*12W APC, but will go for less power when I get to know the RF 4 better.. seldom use the 3kW, only when running out of airspeed in aerobatics, 2-2.5kW will certainly be enough.

Sorry for writing in English, please go on in Deutsch.. If you read Danish I have a build thread here: http://www.modelflyvning.dk/forum/showthread.php?t=42418 text in Danish, pictures in all languages ;)

18.08.2011, 09:16
Hallo Claus,
your RF 4 looks great. Thanks for the information. Hope you have a lot of fun with it.
Best wishes Georg