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Thomas Grimm
17.04.2012, 21:16
ich habe diese Information bereits ins Footy Forum gestellt. Ich möchte diese auch hier ins RC-Network stellen.

Flavio Faloci hat heute die Notiz of Race im Internet veröffentlicht.
Hier der Inhalt (erst einmal in engl.) :
Footy Gold Cup 2012
July 21-22 2012, Sestriere, Italy

The regatta will be carried out under the FOOTY Class Rules (RC & free sailing) as defined in the main IFCA web site http://footy.rcsailing.net/rules.php .
The intention throughout is to keep racing informal and fun – but ruthlessly competitive in the nicest sense.

The regatta is open to all boats of the Footy Class whose owners are current members of IFCA and who are properly registered with the Class Rules and who reported the willingness to participate in the contest in an applicable manner.

Entry Fees
The entry fee covering both days will be 30 € for the skipper, to be paid at registration.

(subject to modification based on event conditions)

Afternoon: arrival of skipper, registration and free practice

09.00-10.00 Free practice and registration of models and participants
10.00-10.30 FOOTY RC Skippers meeting
10.30-12.30 FOOTY RC racing
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.30 FOOTY RC Racing

09.30-10.00 FOOTY RC Skippers Meeting
10.00-13.00 FOOTY RC racing
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 FOOTY RC racing
16.30-17.30 Awards distribution

Racing will be held at the low side of the Losetta Lake, near the Sestriere town,

Due to the location of the race, at about 2000 meters on the sea level, it is recommended to prepare the sunglasses, a sunscreen, some warm clothes and some wind resistant clothes, especially for the children, if present.

Parking in the regatta: available free of charge

Official language of the competition:
The countdown and launch command will be given in English.
If possible, the organizers will try to provide the interpreters to/from other languages (if more participants from various countries shall arrive).

Model measurements:
Measurement and class authenticity verification will be conducted on-site on all boats during check-in and registration. Award winning boats may also be measured post regatta. It is not permitted to alter the boats during the contest except for the changes allowed under the class rules (eg. rig change). Any necessary alterations to boats after damage, etc., will be held with similar parts of the original design and weight and will be conducted after the approval of the RD. Any boat with unauthorized alterations will be disqualified from the regatta

Sailing instructions and RC frequency:
The detailed sailing instructions and frequencies assignments will be posted on the this site after the initial registration period. The following RC frequencies authorized for modelers in Italy can be used: 2.4 GHz, 27MHz, 40 MHz and 35MHz (although the latter is formally reserved in Italy for flying models).

Racing format:
The contest committee will determine the number of races for each day mainly considering weather conditions. The contests will be organized in a manner to allow as many races as possible under given conditions. Two completed boat races are required constitute the contest as valid.
Detailed rules for scoring and ranking regatta will be provided later. In the eventuality of too many boats to have a reasonable single fleet, the skippers will be divided into two or more fleets.

Racing rules:
The races will follow a semplified version of the RRS (Courtesy of Lester Gilbert)

Ten Racing Rules for Radio Sailing:
1.Port keeps clear of starboard
2.Windward keeps clear of leeward
3.Astern keeps clear of a boat ahead
4.Keep clear while tacking or gybing
5.When you gain right of way, or when you change course, give other boats time to keep clear
6.Give room to (all) the inside boat(s) to round the mark
7.Give room to a boat avoiding an obstruction
8.Do not barge in at the start
9.If you have violated a rule, take a penalty; and don’t wait to be called
10.It is better to give way and avoid a collision, or take a penalty, than to protest

The medal Awards will be distributed among the top three finishers in each class and age group (if applicable), while all participants who complete the contest will be awarded with diplomas. Additionally, independent awards from individual sponsors are foreseen eg.: for best youngest participant, for best female participant, Miss Footy, Fastest Opalek-class boat, Mister Opalek-class boat, etc.

We will publish a list of hotels and camping closed to the race pond along with the location and all the necessary information to contact them.

Additional information:
Additional informatio about the competition will be added on the Footy Gold Cup 2012 web site http://www.footygoldcup.org with information on the event, including Entry Form, Sailing instructions, etc. RRS rule changes, if any, may be posted on the website and described at the skippers meeting(s) on the competition day.
Please follow the news (and ask if necessary) on the above-mentioned site of the Footy Gold Cup 2012 or send private e-mail (in English, French) to Gianluca Montecchi info@footygoldcup.org

Er hat mir auch noch ein paar weitere Informationen per E-Mail zu gesendet:

About costs :

entry fee will be 30 eur each, payment on arrival

entry feel will not cover food and accommodation ( we will pay insurance,
logistic, prices and gadgets )

hotel accommodation are around 40-50 eur daily , even if we are looking
to have even lower prices for championship competitors

there is the possibility to use a residence chalet, were cooking
facilities are available if you want

there is a camping for motorhomes, during next days I will give you more
details about the matter


please note tha t we have - today - release official NOR

and that starting from today registrations are open ( see
http://www.footygoldcup.org )

please note that we have fixed as maximum number of entries not more than
40 boats
Aktuelle Informationen über
und natürlich auch in unseren Footy Forum und auf der deutschen Footy HP sowie auch im RC-Network.

Wir werden so schnell wie möglich eine deutsche Übersetzung ins Forum stellen.

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Thomas Grimm
18.04.2012, 20:29
alle Dokumente sind jetzt durch Flavio Faloci in die Foren eingestellt. Die ersten Meldungen sind bereits bei ihm eingegangen. Anmeldung über die Footy Gold Cup HP
Teilnehmer aus Slowenien,USA,England,Schweiz,Deutschland und Italien haben sich schon angekündigt. Wir sollten beachten, dass nur 40 Teilnehmer zu gelassen werden.
Grüsse aus Neu-Ulm