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Erik van Schaik
07.09.2012, 19:03

After Sasha copied my Lift-off XS edf I decided to copy his project.
I ordered a carbon Destiny and Sasha send me a pm of a gfk version for sale and I bought this one too. Yesterday I received the gfk kit and it looks like a nice project.

The gfk version will be build for max thrust+flight time and the carbon version for speed. Not sure how fast but it must be a lot faster as my Uriah-BU(290kmh) . In the gfk fuse fits 2x4s2200mAh but I will use 1x4s2200mah. Not sure about the motor now. I have a 16edf and 16/15/3 at home. I think flight time is more priority as high speed for a nice and fast edf glider.

The carbon version will be build for high speed. I think the full potential of a spin55 could be used (1600W on 8s) if a good motor can be found.

Because I have an other big project in the garage this project might take some time.

Fan: Wemotec mini60

Reason for posting on this forum: American cannot build light and efficient ;)

Funflyer 69
07.09.2012, 21:44
After Sasha copied my Lift-off XS edf

Ich verbitte mir diese bösartigen Unterstellungen;), nur weil Du neidisch auf meine Destiny geworden bist....:p

Mal ganz ehrlich: Ich glaube nicht, dass die Destiny so schnell fliegen kann wie Deine Uria.Ich bin aber sehr gespannt auf das Ergebnis, wenn Du an der Destiny in einem 60er +1000 Watt verbrennst.


Erik van Schaik
07.09.2012, 22:46
Hehe, forgot to add some smileys;)

I'm not sure if the destiny can be faster as the Uriah-BU, but The carbon version did 250mph in DS. I think it will be much better performance as my lift-off version is;)

First thing to do is to find a good place forr the V-tail servos. That is not very easy because the tail is not very wide.

pics later.