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01.04.2003, 18:26

Sorry I write in english, I can read German, but I can't write it - Sorry

Where can I buy the HECELL 1100 Nimh Cell and the Kokam 3270 cell in Germany ?
Can I expect that I can buy the Cells at Intermodellbau in Dortmund ?

...Sorry for the english :o


Michael Brakhage
01.04.2003, 19:57
hi soren

look at Hopf Modelltechnik (http://hopf-modelltechnik.de)

there you can buy the hecell 700/1100.
you can buy soldered packs as well as single cells. the pushed hecell1100 packs are very well. i use them with currents at 20-22 amps with no problems at all.

i don't know i he has the kokam cells. in case you can send him a mail and ask for it.

best regards.

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Giacomo Kolks
01.04.2003, 20:13
Hello Soren!

I don't know whether a Dutch address will help you with the Kokam's, but here you are:
RR-Elektronics (http://www.rrelektronics.nl)
I hope that I could help you!


01.04.2003, 20:37
Hy Soren,
Hecell 1100 bekommst du bei
Hopf, Höllein und Battmann

Waren alle auf der Messe Sinsheim.


01.04.2003, 21:29
High Sören,
for which application do you want to use the kokam-cells?

01.04.2003, 22:12

I want to use the kokam cell's in a Höellein Piber, with a LRK 295/5 and Speedy Micro controller, max power consumption 10A, consumption in piber style 1 - 3 A.
I hope to get 1-2 hours motortime ???


Daniel Rinninsland
01.04.2003, 23:53
Kokams gibts bei Mamo (http://www.mamo-modelltechnik.com). Armin verkauft auch die KAN950 in Kürze, die angeblich noch besser als die HeCell sein sollen. Vor allem kommen aber in Kürze LiPoly-Zellen mit 8C (Armin fragen).

03.04.2003, 13:20
...soweit ich weiß wird die HECELL auch von www.hobby-land.de (http://www.hobby-land.de) angeboten ..