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10.01.2006, 09:36
I just got the plane and before i start performing surgery on it, i think that it is a good idea to ask first.
It is a beautyfull 4 meter plane with all carbon wings.
If anyone has a similar glider i would like to get some assembly tips and what to expect in the first flight.
I am particularly puzzled with the four 3mm pins that hold the fuselage to the wings (how to drill the wing holes straight)
and with the elevator bearing assembly as it seems that i have to machine it somewhat because the width of the bearing is wider than the tail fin width so i need to short it a little bit.
It looks like the fin is too thin so the elevator bearing when fully screwed in leaves a large gap (2~3 mm!) and doesn't seat properly thus having lateral play (it can move to the left or to the right of the vertical fin).
The only logical answer to this is that the Electro master edition has a thinner
vertical fin than the glider version.
I am also thinking instead of covering it with covering material to use finishing epoxy resin (self leveling, specially made for a smooth surface finish) and then paint it. Somehow i dont like covering it with heat shrinking film and glassing the whole wings looks very difficult for me.
My motor will be the Hyperion 4035 343 rpm/volt producing about 215 oz of thrust with 5 cells and 65 amps.
I apologise in advance for posting in English but unfortunately i only know a few words in German (i am improving though)


Thomas Ebert
10.01.2006, 11:09
Hi Chris,
congratulations, You bought are great plane! I didn't practise my english for quite a period, so smile on mistakes.
At first sight, I also thought the bearing for elevator was too wide. But don't shorten it, because it is the vertical tail fin that ist not wide enough. I found it very helpfull to hold the elevator to the fin. Tangent shaped the elevator perfectly by cnc-cut. You'll see that the tail fin needs the bearing to spread it, so it follows the curve of the elevator.
Bye, Thomas

Tangent Modelltechnik
10.01.2006, 11:17
Hi Chris,

I am sure this is a misinterpretation of the bulding instruction. Just check your mail account. I will send you my e-mail adress to solve the issue.


10.01.2006, 13:23
Dont worry i am not that good either but i must admitt that i do a lot of practise.
If i understand this correctly, the brass tube will push the tail fin wider
so it will aquire a bend that follows the elevator fins curvature.
I will give this a try without glying anything (i dont like gluing anyway)
to see if it works.
It is trully a wonderfull plane thats why i want to ask first before i do something.
After i unpacked the plane in my house i decided to order a Royal Evo 12 synthesized set because i think i am entering a new era in rc flying.
The quality is phainomenal.
The guys from the other side of the pond are very ungry that they can get their hands on this plane very easily.
As i understand a few newer versions of the Alpina have made it there.

13.01.2006, 13:11
The Tangent technical department gave me all the information i needed to start working.
Indeed the brass tube needs to be shortened a bit so it can make perfect
contact with the fin.
The same elevator bearing is used on many models so it isn't an exact fit on the Alpina Electro.
I decided to cover the wings with foam friendly finishing epoxy resin which is specially made for finishing (self leveling) and then paint the wings.
This way i will have a smooth non porous surface ready for painting without the need for covering with fiberglass.
I have done this many times before but i was a little bit afraid to do it on such a wonderfull ship.
Any comments welcomed and be sure that i dont discard any opinion.