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29.09.2014, 12:35
As RC-OLC forum does seem not to be available for every interested pilot, I just duplicated this post here. RC-OLC for us means to have more fun flying, but this time in a competition environment...

And 2013-2014 RC-OLC season is already over… There have been quite a lot of innovations and flights throughout all this year. With the actual rule, spans have went down in order to increase valuable points, and results are accordingly much better than the past year, with or without GPS “speedy errors”. That’s good news, good points can be gathered without GPS recording errors. As far as I know, where those were detected by the pilots, action has been taken in order to avoid them in future flights as unfair competition results in “bad weather among pilots”, and we like to have as much fun as possible while still being competitive :lol:

What happened this season at the slope?
For the first time ever, there were 41 pilots uploading slope flights. From them, only 14 uploaded 6 or more valid flights and reaching a maximum up to 1090 points total score on the first place, nothing easy to achieve, but getting better needs a good slope, good weather and much practice (342 valid max point triangle Kms in 318 flights). Yes, there were 41 pilots uploading valid flights, but only 14 were considered “competitors”, that’s the rule. This data is taken just prior to the errors that appeared on the web site and that are announced to be corrected.

This year the slope 3 top places, plus places 5 and 6 were flown from Mesa Mota; nice slope, err? … This is by no way a result “by chance”; we have worked very hard throughout all the season; we have tuned our gliders, we have gone up to the slope in miserable weather conditions, our gliders have gone through very risky conditions, have carried tons of ballast, we have developed tactics and we have reached some limits for the GPS hardware that had to be avoided loosing valuable points in the process, but this effort in the slope RC-OLC class, one year more has been STERILE as the “magic and subjective” number of competitors worldwide has not been reached (still 6 pilots missing for the “20” minimum), so “no competition” for the slope guys… very funny indeed. At this point, Mesa Mota pilots want to congratulate all the competitors, specially Kurt Albrecht (CH) for his personal effort to get and fly impossible places, deserving his merited 4th place this year.

We feel to be at heaven with Mesa Mota slope... have a look at this photo from yesterday :D


We have been already participating with a high number of flights and points already for some years and till now, no PDF has been available for us; no problem, we have the solution in the best possible climate, and that’s good friendship, and in this way we joined again yesterday after a very nice thermal flight evening at our Mesa Mota slope and had a very good time chatting and shearing some trophies, food, drinks, jokes and strong laughs… thats all what it tis all about… HAVING FUN!

Some photos of the group celebration follow….

All the Mesa Mota group, places lower to highest, left to right... (JuanA, Luis, Guirre, Willy, Jose) ... Kurt could have been here also ? ;)

Guirre (left) receives 3rd place trophy

Willy very happy with his second place

Yes, that's me with first place :D

That's the "podium" photo...

If you have a look just now (29-09-2014) at the 2014 classification, it seems to be in error which is already being solved by OLC team, being this reason that the ranks/points shown are not real and do not coincide with the ones that I mention here, being those that I mention just from the "end of season" RC-OLC webpage classification data.

Hope to "seeyou" next season :lol:


02.10.2014, 00:26
With all due respect ... TOP Teamwork on best Place ;-)


02.10.2014, 11:39
Thanks a lot, Martin!
Positiveness always helps :-)