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15.10.2014, 13:57
Hello from Turkey, Istanbul.
My name is Ilker. I want to introduce you a new RES glider in this topic.

ROOKIE is a 2m class RES glider designed for our competions in Turkey. It's a boutique production, It's produced app. 20 pieces in 2014. The designer is my club friend Birol Oner. He used to work in all 2m gliders produced in Turkey as designer or as drawer such as ALBATROS, MILES and KAMIKAZE. And the producer is "Atalar Model" from Istanbul either.

Wing span= 1998mm
Length= 1220mm
Wing Area= 39.3 mm2
Stab Area= 5.9 mm2
Flying weight= 650-700 gr
Wing loading= 16.5-17.8 gr/dm2


Rookie is an all wooden glider and has 3 part wings, one piece spoiler in the middle wing. It has Carbon wingjoiners. There is a ballast compartment in the fuselage like some f3J models.


15.10.2014, 14:03
Kit comes in a box and it has all laser cut wooden parts. Also carbon wing joiners, construction plans, steel balast, pushrods and other hardware to complete the glider included.

15.10.2014, 14:18
You can find detailed construction photos and notes in our forum at this link. It's in turkish, but I can answer your questions here if any.


I want to attach some basic photos to tell the model to you.
First group is to show wing construction.




15.10.2014, 14:22
Second group photo is from fuselage;




15.10.2014, 14:31
And finished Model,





16.10.2014, 14:56
We had 4 official 2m RES competitions this year. I competed with rookie in all contests. I was always in first three in team classification and individual either.




16.10.2014, 20:46
Hi Ilker,

quite nice looking glider with clean classic lines. I do really like the convential cross tail, in comparison with the F3K inspired design we have now in Germany. However, that seems to have some advantage. Most of the types here, if they have no Vee tail, look much more extreme.
The weight may be a bit too high for German competition, the majority of the models I know of are around 500 to 550 g, with a good portion even less i.e. around 450g. On one contest there were two with less than 400g. But they show some disadvantage with some wind.

I appreciate to get some more news from your Turkey RES scene, I'm in RES fever since beginning of the year and learned here in the network that the initial kick off came from your country to us.
Maybe there will be an international contest somewhen in future.



16.10.2014, 22:14
Hi Ilker,

looks like a very classic design. Could you provide some more data like airfoil,geometrie data, idealy the flz-file. I think, weight could be striped down, but balast compartment is a good idea an not often used in German models. For reference: My Resolution has 600g and reached place 4 in 2013, but the BabaJagas (and others) are below 500g and have big advantage. If you have a customer in South Germany let us know, so we could do some comparison flights. Pricing?


17.10.2014, 09:41
Hi Joerg thanks. In Turkey, only a few competitors tried to built V tail gliders, and all of them was experimental models, they couldn't get positive results. This year we have 145 different pilots in 4 official competitions, and all the gliders were conventional cross tailed.

My Rookie is flying in 650g. And I think it's one of the lightest gliders competed this year in our country. Our weight range is between 650-850g in competitions I think. I don't know yours, but Our rules have some limitations about composite materials. We can use them for only strengthening of the wooden construction. Most of the gliders has aluminium joiners which are 160-180 gr.

And Also, I have 3 different balast weights for my rookie, 70, 130, 200 grams. I used them alternatively in competition rounds this season according to wind speed. As I remember, in a competition in may, in a round after the rain I thought "I want a model with 500g." I can't imagine how to get long distances and looking for the thermals with a glider under 500 grams in our fields, in our weather conditions. Maybe it depends on airfoil, I don't know. :)

An International 2m RES competitions is our dream since many years. And also every year we are talking in our club to come Germany and join your competitions. But we can not managed yet. :) Maybe next year we can organise :)

17.10.2014, 09:51
Hi Cristoph,
Yes I think so, the balast system is very useful in rookie, I will attach more photos about balast system tomorrow. And also, I am not the designer and not the seller of this model. Only 5 or 6 Rookie flyed this year and It is not purchased in model shops in Turkey. But I will ask for pricing and some addiditonal data and will inform you.

17.10.2014, 11:02
The lightest Planes flown here are under 400g. I fly a Baba-Competition with 405g, performs amazing in light Air conditions. But in most conditions I add ballast (60g, 120g, sometimes 180g, (max ballast is 360g).

But during competitions it can clearly be seen: The advantage from small weight is nulled as soon as there is Wind.