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20.01.2016, 13:56
Hi all...

In the rules there is a point that says "Electric gear with a logger in between controller and motor in order to ensure a onetime motor run"
That means it should have two functions, 1 to not allow a motor restart and also, 2 have logging capabilities.

If this is the correct reading, and using Jeti RC gear, a Jeti Mvario would not be useful as it does not log (?)...

So, would it be needed to go for SM gear or RC electronics gear to get the functionality?

Cheers and good flights

22.01.2016, 09:48
Hi Jose,

you have to check for F5J Compatibilty.
i know:
Altis V4
MVario2 with F5J Firmware http://www.jetimodel.com/en/katalog/Duplex-2-4-EX/@produkt/MVario2-EX/


22.01.2016, 10:01
Thanks Bernd...

Yes, I forgot Altis V4, I have one but have not tried the motor cut over 400m, and yes, it logs.
About Jeti Mario, this was my first choice, but let me see if it logs the flight (unless logging in transmitter is allowed :-) ) ...

Have nice weekend!