Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 1st Swiss Cup Huttwil 2018

20.05.2018, 17:09
The first SwissCup this year took place in Huttwil yesterday.
We did full fleet racing with 9 pilots flying on this fantastic Airfield at Huttwil.
Spring at his best, made us raise up to 12 Laps in stunning weather and light to stronger winds.

For the first time we upload all the flight online to the side of www.gps-traingle-league.net Which gave us instantly results published Online.

Hand UP for Pascal for this incredible work he did to create an Online Platform, which will help all of us to make local races any day at any time according to the wishes of an Organizer.
Have a look at the Results from this competition of total 8 Task which you are able to look into details on the web if you like!
Always the best 5 Flights of the day will count to your personal resultů so you are also able to take breaks during the day if you feel like.
A Great NEW online format is born, where all the Pilots left with a big smile on the faces yesterday.
Results of Flying 1:3:

1. Daniel Aeberli ASW 17s and ASW 17X ChocoFly
2. Rene Haas ASW 17 FW/Tun
3. Walti Kalberer ASW 17 FW/Tun

If you have time join us next time on the 24.June at Rosenthal which is placed between St. Gallen and Winterthur.
Thanks a lot to Rene Haas and his Team for the great Eventů we will all be back!