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29.05.2007, 20:16
Hallo Pylongemeinde,

die Anmeldung für den internationalen F3D-Wettbewerb IX International Cdt Tulasne Trophy in Tours/Frankreich läuft unter


Die Frequenzen sind noch nicht freigegeben von offizieller Seite, hoffentlich gibt es keine unangenehmen Überraschungen...

Ich bin mal so frei und zitiere Ange aus dem Yahoo-FAI-Forum:

Hello everybody,

The registrations for the 9th edition of Tulasne Trophy Challenge in
Saint Martin le Beau ( France) are possible to make right from now on.
They will only be taken online through the website www.macct.net -
no registration will be possible on the airfield.
You can pay online with a credit card ou with paypal.
May I draw your attention on the fact that as I have not received
the frequencies authorizations from my NAC, they are likely to
change. In any rate no frequency unless being autorized by the french
federation will not be allowed.
Our website home page has a accomodation link showing a wide
sellection of hotels within a 15km of the airfield.
May I suggest you to book as soon as possible as it is quite a
touristic area.
This year, the banquet will be exceptionally priced at 27 euros due
to the poor quality of it in 2006. The MACCT will take in charge the
difference,hoping you will be pleased by this gesture.

See you on the start line!