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20.06.2002, 07:45

Erik Toncar
20.06.2002, 08:32
sieht g.... aus ;)

der Bauplan dafür ist auch gut gemacht
hab ihn da

Christian Abeln
20.06.2002, 09:10
Hab ihn auch da (den Plan)...
Is nett das Teil...
Bischen Aufwand aber ein schönes Fliegerle :D

24.06.2002, 14:35
Sodele zur weiteren Info, falls jemand Interesse hat

The size of the model depends on which size you want to build. The 100% version has a wingspan of 54" WS, and the 123% is 66". The wings are activated by a high torque servo mounted in the center section.

The price of the kit depends on the size of the model that you want to build. There is both a 100% version for MF480 or HW609 fans (you must specify fan type) or a 123% for 90mm fans. I am selling a fuse former kit for either model which will get you as far as this photo.

I do not have the 123% wing and tail kit done yet, but I do have it for the 100%. Let me know what size you are interested in and we can go from there.

Prices are as follows:

100% fuse kit $75 plus $8 shipping*

123% fuse kit $95 plus $10 shipping*

100% wing/elevator/vertical stab kit $50 plus $5 shipping*

The plane has been designed around 8 flanged ball bearings, 4 in the wing pivot, and 4 in the flying stabs. I sell them for $35 plus $2 shipping*. I receive payment through my PayPal account, james.vaello@wcom.com

*shipping charges are to the US. For Germany, $30 will cover the shipping and insurance for one complete kit.

I do require that before you buy parts from me, that you buy the plans and canopy from Matt Halton, the designer. You can contact him through his email, planeplans@lineone.net or www.geocities.com/grumman_uk/ (http://www.geocities.com/grumman_uk/) .. Unfortunately, this is the arrangement that Matt and II would like to keep. The plans are 100% only, but the canopies come in two sizes, 100% and 123%.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. I should have the 123% wing and tail kit available very soon! I am sneaking in a few minutes here and there while at work. Larry Wolfe with Jet Hanger Hobbies is producing fiberglass ducting for the MF480 version, and I am going to send him a 609 kit so he can produce the ducting for it as well. After that, I plan to send him the 123% so he can do the same for that version as well.


James Vaello