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  1. Standard U-Space – Modellflug nicht mehr betroffen

    von am 13.10.2019 um 12:59 (Hier ist der Platz für laufende Aktionen zur Erhaltung unseres Luftraums...)
    10.10.2019 23:18
    DAeC Buko-Modellflug
    Standard U-Space – Modellflug nicht mehr betroffen

    Der DAeC und im Speziellen die Bundeskommission Modellflug im DAeC freut sich, dass offensichtlich ihre in der Kommentierung vorgebrachten Argumente bei der European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Gehör gefunden haben. Zusammen mit den Mitgliedern der zuständigen Expert Group der Europe Airsports (EAS) und der European Modelflying Union (EMFU) hatte der DAeC am ersten ziemlich ...
  2. 5 Minutes, Let You Know How to Choose PCB Coating Function

    Electronic components used in shipping, military, aerospace, and automotive industry have to work in high-humidity and high-temperature environments, causing damages. Moreover, PCB boards and its components may encounter defects such as softening, erosion, and deformation. Therefore, to ensure the functionality and longevity of the board, some PCB coating must be applied to the surface of the board.

    Choosing the best/ideal type of layer, and the selection principles for your ...
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  3. PCBs Production - How to Use Technology to Influence Costs

    A Printed Circuit Boards is more of an electrical circuit whose conductors and components are within a mechanical structure. Printed Circuit Boards not only support but also electronically connect elements found in electronic devices, and with the constant changing technology, so does PCBs change.

    Technological changes affect almost everything across the globe, and PCBs are not left out. In turn, puts pressure to PCB manufacturers to cope up with the latest trends ...
  4. PCB Copper Weight – The Ultimate Guide To How To Apply Perfectly

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are among some of the most complicated components of any electrical device.

    Many small things come together to create a properly functioning PCB. PCB copper weight is one of these many things that need to be completely understood and micromanaged when manufacturing PCBs.

    Because it is such a strong conductor, copper is one of the most significant components of a PCB. If you don’t calculate and apply the weight of copper correctly, many ...
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  5. PCB Board Price–Do You Need To Control It?

    PCB board price – do you know how to calculate it? You may have placed an order on a website, and they may have figured it for you. But it is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of parameters that make up the cost of printed circuit boards.

    The good news is that you can also control the price of the PCB board. You can manipulate drivers to produce a low-cost PCB. This article will explain these factors, the formula for calculating PCB board price, and much more. ...
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