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10 Awesome Advantages of Rapid PCB Prototyping Service

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Without a proper plan, implementing new PCB products can introduce further unnecessary delays and expenses.

Rapid PCB prototyping is a useful practice used to reduce the time required for developing new designs for your business.

This article serves as an introduction to Rapid PCB Prototyping and how it leads to a successful full production run.
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What is Rapid PCB Prototyping
The Benefits of Using a Rapid PCB Prototyping Service
Disadvantages of Rapid PCB Prototyping
How to Choose a Suitable Rapid PCB Prototyping Service Provider
WellPCB Rapid PCB Prototyping Service
1、What is Rapid PCB Prototyping
Before diving into Rapid PCB prototyping, let’s explain what we mean by the term “prototyping”. PCB prototype is an early version of the product built for testing purposes. In general, prototyping is a very effective method for evaluating innovative design ideas; it allows the manufacturer to significantly improve the precision and quality of the final outcome.

Rapid PCB Prototyping Vs PCB Standard Production

The following table will help us understand the main differences between Rapid PCB Prototyping Service and PCB Standard Production.

2、The Benefits of Using a Rapid PCB Prototyping Service
Rapid PCB prototyping plays a vital role in evaluating your new designs. Now, let's go through 10 advantages we can gain from fast prototyping.

2.1 Short turnarounds
Once you finish the design of your new product, the next step is to validate and test it to ensure its functionality before the final manufacturing phase. Thanks to the cutting edge prototyping technologies, you can get your prototypes within a few hours! That means you will not have to worry anymore about the delays accompanying this process.

2.2 Flexibility in modifying designs
Making prototypes for your product rapidly not only reduces time delays but also provide the ability to validate and verify the functions of your PCBs in a very flexible way. When you have a sufficient number of prototypes, you can precisely measure how good is your design practically. More interestingly, you will have enough time to learn about the flaws and issues in the layout, and how to fix it.

2.3 Creative designs
The more you know about your design, the more creative you become. Iterative testing and examination of your model can help you come up with innovative ideas that you didn't know before. Additionally, you will have the ability to implement these new ideas practically in a short time.

2.4 Reduced time to market
We are in a competitive market. Having the ability to move from the design phase to the manufacturing phase, with a short transition period, will give you the competitive advantage you need.

2.5 Several test runs of PCB design
With a high number of fo prototypes readily available for testing and verification, you can set several examinations under different conditions and circumstances to assure a certain level of quality, resulting in final first-class products.

2.6 Checking design flaws
Imagine how costly it is to discover a fatal mistake in your designed model after producing thousands of PCBs! That is something we don't want to happen, and we can avoid it thanks to rapid prototyping.

2.7 Test the quality of standard PCB
From prototypes, we can have a realistic expectation of how the last product will perform in terms of quality standards, without starting the final production run. It helps us in establishing a clear picture of the excellence and worth of the final product.

2.8 Test components separately
One of the problems encountered in advanced projects is how to troubleshoot several PCB-based components. It is tough to test and verify such models as one part. However, thanks to PCB prototyping, we can have a single prototype for each component. Having the ability to test each component separately can significantly ease the troubleshooting process.

2.9 Reduced Costs
Detecting issues and problems in the PCB model, before the final production phase, eliminate the risk of losing your money in a final manufacturing run. Moreover, the prototypes accelerate the process of testing and verification, leading to a shorter time to market and reduce manufacturing costs.

2.10 Better Final Products
Undeniably, our goal is to achieve high-quality PCB products at the final stage. You can take advantage of the rapid PCB prototyping to minimize errors, and issues in your designs. Also, it will enable you to become more creative as you learn more and more about your product before manufacturing it.

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3、Disadvantages of Rapid PCB Prototyping
3.1 Limited-Quality Boards
The PCB prototypes are created for testing and verification purposes. As a result, the tolerance of the boards employed is less than that used for the standard production, and the PCB boards are created with limited materials

3.2 Delays the Beginning of the Standard Production
You can’t start the final manufacturing run before completing all the scheduled tests on the prototypes and making sure that the prototypes meet all the required quality standards. These processes can delay the beginning of the standard production phase.

3.3 Number of Layers
Unlike the boards employed in the final production run, prototypes board are known to have a limited number of layers.

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4、How to Choose a Suitable Rapid PCB Prototyping Service Provider
Prototyping is recognized as being one of the most important processes in PCB manufacturing, as it plays a decisive role in determining the quality of your final output. Therefore, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right provider for your PCB prototypes.

Let’s now discover what we need to look for in the PCB prototyping service provider:

4.1 Immediate Quotes
Always look for the provider who will be able to give you an instant quote for your products very quickly.

4.2 Online Management Website/App
It is preferred to be able to order, manage, and track your project online. Search for a provider who will offer an online website or app platform for your project management.

4.3 House Components
The manufacturer who has readily available components in-house helps in reducing the overall costs. Given that, you can order a large number of components with extra savings.

4.4 In-House Assembly
Involving a 3rd party service provider for assembly is not desirable because it may introduce time delays. Therefore, always look for a manufacturer with its assembly line.

5、WellPCB Rapid PCB Prototyping Service
In WellPCB, we understand how important it is to realise fast PCB prototyping for our customers, and how this step affects the overall innovation progress. Thanks to our state-of-the-art prototyping machines, we are committed to create and deliver your PCB prototypes very quickly. That reduces time to market, giving you the competitive lead you need to achieve your goals.

Additionally, our website helps you in planning your prototyping phase in real-time, as you can get immediate quotes for your products quickly without any time delays. Therefore, we deliver not only high-quality prototypes but also a fast and efficient service that worth your money and time investment.

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In this article, we have gone through the benefits of Rapid PCB Prototyping manufacturing service, and how it leads to an unbeaten full production run in a shorter time, and then we provided a brief guide on what to look for and how to choose your prototyping service provider. Finally, we presented our rapid PCB Prototyping services. Supported by our new PCB and PCB assembly factories, we guarantee a fast and efficient service that fits your needs for reliable prototypes. Get your PCB quote NOW.

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