Dear Customers,

due to the worsening of the scenario related to Covid-19, the Italian Government has put in place new restrictions which foresee the stop until at least the 3rd of April of ALL not primary businesses.

Despite this worrying situation, we are trying to do our best to allow YOU receiving your models. Glider_it has today three warehouses, two of them in Italy and one in Poland. Thanks to the latter, we are able to move our logistic hub from Italy to Poland where as you know we have also our Operations facility.

Models coming from specific orders will be sent from there, with the exclusion of bags that will be sent you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the shipments of models stocked in Italy is now blocked.

As you will see in our new website (on-line in few weeks), Glider_it values are also intellectual honesty and transparency: this post go into the direction to tell you we are managing a very tough situation, probably some models will arrive a little bit late but our commitment to avoid you any further inconvenience is FULL.

Please for any information, do not hesitate to write us at We are here, WE DO NOT GIVE UP!

Glider_it Team