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Vector Graphics

Eckart Müller


Vector-Graphics for Download

is offering a very special - and by this a very unique - service: beside of two exceptions logos, national emblems (also known as nationality markings) and other useful graphics are offered for free download within the -Magazine - in the format of vector graphics!

In the meantime there are available various national emblems, wing and squadron markings of the Federal Air Force, Air Force of the Wehrmacht, nose- and tail-art of other armed forces and organizations, general markings, figures, and many others. Patterns for cutting plotters or characters can be created from them for printing on decal printers. What makes these CorelDraw files so special is the nature of the Corel graphics: only such vectorbased drawings can be freely scaled without loss of quality and fully adapted to personal requirements. Since, unfortunately, not all readers have Corel Draw, or do not have the required version, we are also providing the .cdr files as .wmf- and .ai files. Us-ing these file types, it is also possible to achieve .cdr quality.

A collection of this nature does not grow by itself, and of course your cooperation is both desirable and necessary. So, just as the editorial part of the - Magazine steadily grows due to your active cooperation, so too this "database" will only increase in size if we receive your support. In this respect, we are aware that not everybody is able to contribute .cdr files - but that is not necessary at all. If you mail to us popular image files (JPG, GIF, BMP,TIF), we will manually(!) create vector graphics and then make them available for download.

Over the course of time, a comprehensive archive of images is emerged from which every model maker profits. The often troublesome search through books, magazines and on the Internet for usable graphics will be a thing of the past! We will carry out what is, generally speaking, the time-consuming editing of graphics by pattern so that you have more time to spend on your actual hobby. If you build a model and have already collected the patterns, we are quite happy you to send them to us, and we will edit them for you accordingly. In this way you will receive perfectly designed vector graphics for printing, painting or cutting templates; and other model makers as well - because our offer is open to everyone!

Commercial use of the grafics is prohibited.

We now present the first part of this collection here. We hope you enjoy in choosing and designing the models!

Suggestions and requests should be directed to: Redaktion@RC-Network.de

In line with this the Magazine article Luftwaffe aircraft markings is also of interest, in which the layout and construction of the emblems and figures is explained in detail.

Are patterns only available in the form of bitmaps and/or Magazine does not contain the required logos or national emblems? Here you will find typical instructions for creating your own vectorised drawings using bitmap patterns! - From bitmap to vector - A Corel Draw tutorial

For corresponding inquiries and discussions, there is an independent category GRAPHICS in the forum under VERSCHIEDENES (Misc.). Please do not post in other categories to the topic graphics, logos, mil. emblems etc.!

We can offer an additional service: Individual creation of Decals (water transfers).

This is the procedure: You have decided that your model is to be fitted out with certain national emblems, flags, numbers and letters. All details such as type, size, layout, colour scheme etc. are determined by agreement with the RCN graphic artist who send you the patterns ready for printing on condition, that they are not changed under any circumstances (!). You mail the patterns to Ralf Schneider, who will create the required decals based on them. When the graphic files are sent off to Ralf Schneider, you quasi issue the print request, that is to say you agree to all of the existing details such as size, layout, colour etc. You are now the customer.

is no longer involved!

The printing cannot be free, of course. A US-letter page costs around €20. It follows, necessarily, that it is hardly worth printing just a few symbols which are lost on a page. In such a case, something more economically viable should be worked out. Either more symbols should be printed, or they should be used in conjunction with others. That is to say, an attempt should be made somehow to make optimal use of the print area.

We hope that this offer provides ambitious model makers with a further opportunity to design their models more authentically.

extends its thanks for the support to its "contributors":

Toni Bäuerle, Dr. Christian Baron, Walter Bauer, Ciro Bocchetti, Armin Bruder, Jürgen Busse, Ralf Dvorak, Michael Fron, Helmut Gruber, Andreas Knop, Patrick Langner, Ralph J. Müller, Jürgen Neuenhahn, Bernd Neumayr, Klaus Petersen, Piotr Piechowski, Joy Richards, Reuben Saliba (Malta), Ludwig Schmitz, Manfred Schnaible, Ralf Schneider, Ralf Schnurr, Rolf Suter, Rainer Vetter, Christian Volkmar.

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