riva aquarama

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    My new hull design Riva Aquarama 125 cm

    Hello, Here is the clip of run test of my new hull design of Riva Aquarama Comments are welcome Regards, Tuan
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    Riva Aquarama special edition 1970 reachs 45km/h

    Hallo, Please allow me to write in english I just motorize a riva aquarama special 87 cm (scale 1/10), its max speed is 45km/h; while the real riva aquarama's max speed is 68 km/h. How to make a mahagoni riva aquarama conquer the speed 68 km/h? Anyone here make mahagoni boat run faster than...
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    My mahagoni riva aquarama speed 45 km/h

    Hallo, Please allow me to write in english. I would like to contribute some clips of my riva aquarama, scale 1/10 (87 cm). Specs are similar to my rivarama Hull: wooden open hull from https://Tantrasway.com Engine: Dual brushless motors, 1800kv Propeller: Dual 3-blade propellers Rudder: Dual...
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