Basic magnetic switch for jets


I usually put a direct connection from rx battery to receiver with a mpx plug, just connect it and disconnect it manually.

In my last model im thinking in using a magnetic switch instead, i fly hv servos and receiver is also tolerant so just a 2s li-ion with no voltage change is needed, and I want it as light/simple as possible.

Someone use Zepsus magnetic switch in jets, 7A or 15A model. Its a small model (rebel

If no, what can be recommended?



SPS 40 is not much more (5€) but it can switch turbine battery also... on gas models ignition battery and so on...
Double use not double money ;)
Ah, thats a nice detail i didn't think about!!!!

I think in that case it will share gnd but i assume it also shared as ecu is plugged to rx.


Yes ground is shared anyways in rx for proper signal transfer...ground must be same all around,

Some even ground landing gear, thrust tube, fuel tank, turbine... with wires together, described here in numerous threads.

Common ground is not problem for sps 40
yep, that's what i was trying to say that is already shared, so nothing new with the use of that switch.

I liked that idea to toggle rx and turbine with the same one, that's a good one thanks!!!

I will still have to unplug the retract/brakes but those can remain powered on as idle consume must be minimal
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