"DLG/F3K World Airgames Show class 2020" - ideas wished for by Erik Dahl Christensen

"DLG/F3K World Airgames Show class 2020" - ideas wished for by Erik Dahl Christensen

Dear friends,

This spring I got the assignment from Tomas Bartowsky, to try to create an "DLG/F3K World Air Games Show class" for the 2020 World Air Games in Turkey, and therefor I seek you help ��.

F3K is a great soaring class, with action and performance.
The show class is NOT intended to replace F3K as we know it.
The DLG-showclass is intended to show some action filled, TV/internet and spectator friendly showflying with F3K / DLG gliders with a competition aspect.

Think parallel to parachuting: Originally competition was about making figures and manouvres while making a free fall - controlling your body in free fall. Or making a precision landing. OR ...

For show they have invented a new class/activity where the action is close to the ground with manouvres, touching the water and making a precision landing. I'm not judging the competitions aspect of those activities, but close to the ground in the middle of a city IS spectator friendly.

Each DLG-show class task may not take too long time.
The tasks has to be flown close by to be watched by spectators and be able to be caught by cameras.
The tasks can also include some sort of telemetry, to show data on screen (?)
Some of the technology must excist within the drone racing community?

I can imagine a competition with action filled tasks. Like a DLG tri/quadro/pent-athlon ...

Before and at the F3K competition in Uetze, Germany, I gathered the following ideas. I would very much like you comments, changes and new ideas that differs.

Here they come (they can almost all be flown within a stadium!)

a) Launch hight ((Athletic skills))
perhaps: best of 5 launches , either alone or 5 pilots launching simultanously.
the best 1-2 of 4-5-6 continues to semifinals and finals ...
Telemetry of launch hight to be shown on screen

b) Turnaround ((Action))
3 min window, 6x30 seconds, 10th of seconds
time shown on screen

c) Speed - alone ((Performance)) - like F3B ish
4x75 m
2x100 m
6-8x75-100 m (speed <=> distance?)
The bases can be shown on screens, to make the spectators see how close the plane crosse the bases.

d) Distance ((Action - a)) - 4-6 pilots
i) as many laps of 50-75 m in 2 min working time
ii) As many laps of 50-75 m in 2 min working time. The pilot may launch again during the 2 min
The bases can be shown on screens, to make the spectators see how close the plane crosse the bases.

e) Triangle ((Action)) - Red bull-ish pylons - 4 pilots
i) # of completed laps
ii) most laps in 2-3 minutes. The pilot may launc again during the 2-3 minutes
"Speedway" pionts: 4-3-2-1 points / 3-2-1-0 points / 2-1-0-0 points -> ?
Cameras on each of the 3 bases can show if and how close the plane turns. If you cut or hit => ?? (out, launch again, ...)

Think show, action, close by. Think "F3K - Short track speed skiing relay"!

I will be truely happy for all of you ideas and inputs. I have not yet solutions for everything I have sugested above. But solutions do hopefully come when we have ideas and get practical problems from the ideas��

I will follow this thread closely, read inputs and try to extract ideas, but I may not be very active.
You are most welcome to reply in german.

Yours sincerely

Erik Dahl Christensen
Hi Erik

Sounds cool! / Das klingt cool!

How about these tasks / Wie waere es noch mit dem folgendem:

-AULD, when a certain number of pilots have landed, round is over and pilots can land. Repeat till there is a winner. If the weather is too good, change to Javelin launch or other measure that makes it harder./ AULD, wenn eine gewisse Zahl Piloten gelandet sind, ist die Runde vorbei und die anderen koennen landen. So oft wiederholen, bis es einen Sieger gibt. Falls das Wetter zu gut ist, auf Speerwurf umstellen oder andere Massnahme ergreifen, die es haerter macht.

-most turnarounds in two minutes / am meisten Turnarounds in zwei Minuten

-Freestyle aerobatic: pilot shows aerobatic program with a DLG with five throws (4 turn arounds). / Pilot fliegt ein Akro-program mit fuenf Wuerfen (vier davon turnarounds)

Sincerely / Viele Gruesse:
Ansicht hell / dunkel umschalten
Oben Unten