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I`ve been using formenharz F200 in combination with F260 for edges. I`ve been having some trouble with the quality of the F200, giving irregular surfaces with the last few batches I`ve used. -I know it is not my fault, as I`ve built over 20 moulds the last few years... Now I want to exchange the F200 with the Ebalta OH 33, as I have heard nice things about it...

My question is: Can I use the F260 for edges, with the Ebalta OH 33 for surface?

Also, where to buy the OH 33?


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Hi Kjell!

You should get in touch with Burkhard Dotzauer. He is a scale-modeller with a lot of experience, working for Ebalta and his wife is selling resin and stuff from Ebalta to modellers. He will for sure be able to help you with your questions:


Best regards,

David Büsken
Dear Kjell,

as David mentioned before, you could call a regional sales agent or Ebalta directly at: http://www.ebalta.de/ISY/index.php?call=en-vertrieb

Since OH 33 + hardener CH1 is a cold curing epoxy gelcoat which cold be postcured at elevated temperatures to reach a higher Tg, i don´t see any problems arise in combination with the F 260, as it´s virtually the same like F 200. But to say it clear: i would recommend to use a gelcoat systems with hardeners that are within the same temperature range or even the same product, to avoid any incompatibilities

Thanks guys! Here is a picture of the fault I get in the F200 gelcoat. Any advise how to avoid this? I know others have the same problems with it..


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There was a general Problem that Hexion Stuttgart had with this product respectively it´s qualitiy. I know of several people who claimed a recourse receivable in this issue
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