F-4 Phantom from Jet Zubehor / Matthias Jautsch any info????

Hello to all,

Does anyone have any information about the F-4 Phantom from Jet Zubehor / Matthias Jautsch?

Length: 2600mm
Wingspan: 1600mm
Weight: +/- 16Kg

This model is for sale like new, not even build, and I am maybe interested in it but I can not find any info about the model.

Maybe someone here can provide me with more info about this kit like flight characteristics etc.
If there is any info please reply here or send a pm.


Best regards en best wishes,
Found out it is a Uwe Ralle F-4 Phantom, project 2021.........
Hi Berto

Are you interested in buying my Skymaster Phantom 1: 7.75? It flies sensationally well and has an extremely beautiful flight pattern. Mine has 2x JetCat P100 and weighs 18.3kg empty. It has a unique and very beautiful paint job that I made myself
I can send you pictures if you want? I don't like to part with the Phantom, but I have too many models in the hangar and have just built a 1: 4 F104. Best regards Beat Zumstein from Switzerland


Hye Beat,

thanks for your offer and a very nice looking F-4.
But I bought a 'new' kit form the UR F-4

Best regards,
Oben Unten