F3A Ascent from Oxai/HUI YANG with contra v4


For Sale:

ASCENT is my backup model in last World Championship F3A in Italy 2019 and is ready to fly (without receiver and batteries) with equipment:
Brenner Contra V4
Jeti MEZON 90 Lite
FUTABA BLS173SV for the wings
FUTABA BLS173SV for the elevator
FUTABA BLS171SV for the rudder
Contra prop.
PowerBox Sensor switch
Throtle tech

Original hui yang covers + super strong Revoc wing bags
Price:4200€. (new cost circa 8000 euro )
In this year I was do only 10 flight on Polish competition .
I was change in special order in oxai pink colour to orange.
All additional elements on the back of the fuselage can be removed without a trace, they are on tamiya tape. I was do this element like best Japan Pilot ONDA (on Ascent). They are super light from carbon .It is for best roll axial ( if you fly with contra) ,and works super .But if you want I can remove it .
If you want yours name pilot and licence nr on fuselage and wings I can change it by airbrush like original for 100 euro extra, (time min 1 week) .

The Ascent was never crashed, only had small bumps around the undercarriage like any Oxai model and was tweaked professionally so you can't see it.
For mount baterry I was do tower from Herex and Carbon ( only 50 g ) for perfect set up in the axis of the engine .She is taken out if you don't need it.

Contra has the latest type of gears much quieter .

If you have any questions, write to me. If you want photos inside and outside (from today ), write to me .

It is possible to transport the model to Germany, Austria,France ,Holland , Belgium or Czech for free or 50 euro.


More info and photos:
very good
Rzeszow / Poland


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