F3A-X for ZDZ 80 or ZDZ 60



I have this motors : ZDZ 60 and ZDZ 80

I search an airplane for one of these motors.

I search only very 3D models Extra 300, YAK 54, Raven...

Only ARF models, no kits.

Price max : 900€

I know :

Engel modellbau/ Wild Hare (I don't like the extra 260 and I don't like the wood construction, low quality I think)

CA model/BArt modellbau

Pichler Katana 2.70m -> to big for ZDZ 80 ??

If you know shop or someone who sell the airplane that I research, I love YAK 54. Can you tell me his adress.


I had seen this raven from F3a lorenz, It's interessting but It cost 960€. If I don't find other, I buy it.
Who told you about that ?
How far I know the shipping costs are about 50 Euro.
I have the 2,3m Extra of Composite and I built in the ZDZ80, but on a hydromount system.
For this Extra the ZDZ80 is little oversized, if you can choose, you may take also the ZDZ60 because you may set him on D-Locks or comparable damping parts.
Yes :D

the YAK 35% will have 13,5-14,5 kg (30lbs-32lbs)
and a wingspan of 2,71m

This size is good for a strong 100cc engine like DA100
or 3W106

with your ZDZ80 you will have only little fun and - maybe - CG probs..

Bye Klaus
Adn this :

Katana 35%
Spannweite: 2700mm
Länge: 2359mm
Gewicht: 11500gr.
Motor: 75-100ccm


I can have a 3W75i with KS reso, maybe have it more power.
The perfect bird from TOC1 for your ZDZ80 would be the 33% YAK54

the 30% Edge ist too small for the ZDZ80 - maybe for the ZDZ60

For the ZDZ60 the 30% YAK54 could be probably be even the better choice

Try to contact Mr. Faller (PEFA)

Good luck - it´s hard to get him at the phone

Bye Klaus

for flying 3D with a 80 ccm engine, the modell is allwowed to have about a weight from max. 10,5 kg !!

For a 60-70 ccm engine max. about 9,5 kg.

The costs for transport are for sure not 200 EURO at C-ARF; like Joachim said are the costs about 50-60 EURO.

The 2,3 m C-ARF with the 3W 75 are absolutly perfect for flying 3D.

Best regards

I live in France, but do you know a shop where I can buy it (in deutschland) and dont have lots of shipping ?

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