Flite metal

Hi Frank,
I guess, it is difficult to get it in EU.
As alternate solution you can try a finish, as i did:
I have sprayed Molotow Burner Chrome (really cheap) acryl, the imitation of the rivets was done by using a 0.8mm kanule.
The polished section -needle end was cut by a microgrinder+diamond rotary cutter.
The resulting sharp edged micro tube is perfekt to stamp rivets into the chrome surface, the plate imitation is done by a cutter blade.
Set it on desired spot unter slight pressure and turn it, holding under tension, 2 times around. The outer edge cuts a 0,8mm circular pattern .

This does not work as perfect as using flite metal, but this Molotow grafitti colour has a very fine milled metal pigment, very near to alloy.
After processing as described you may cover it by clear acryl coating (spray), or weather it with grime out of a diesel exhaust using a soft small brush.

It´s a matter of few EUR, first you may test it at uncritical surfaces. You will be amized about the result, even it´s not perfect!
Good luck!


When you Google for FliteMetal you can find some alternatives (RCGroups / RCUniverserse)

Now Ex-EU: https://www.mickreevesmodels.co.uk/~mickreev/Access/accessories.htm

FliteMetal seems to be ordinary Alu Tape as used for roofing/insulation: here you can See Tapes in various widths



I looked everywhere, and I found also aerofoil Al: http://www.aero-accessories.com/Builders.html but unfortunately, everything in US.
I'll try the 3M aluminum strip, but it looks very thin, thinner than metal.
I'll use this technology on P59 Grumania.
If anyone had any pictures or advice about this technology, I'd be very happy.

BR Frank


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