FrSky - neue RB-40 angekündigt


- 18 channels: 16 PWM channels (8 channels with current sensor)+ 2 reserved channels
(Each channel has overcurrent protection)
- 2 power input (6 ~17V)
- 2 SBEC output (Sustained Current: 40A@5~8.4V; Peak Current: 210A; Efficiency: ≥88%)
- LCD window (Real time current, voltage, power consumption values indication )
- 2 switches:
- Software switch
(Connect/Disconnect BAT1/BAT2 or BAT1&BAT2 through buttons/transmitter)
- External switch socket
(Connect/Disconnect the general power supply)
- Black Box function: Record all the sensor data
- Auto-switch of the telemetry between RX1&RX2
- 2 SBUS (or other BUS such as F.Port) input and 1 SBUS output
- External Data Interface: for connecting the programming & indication device (Such as FSD)
- CNC shell

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