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Fibricus schrieb:
...comming soon!

Frist details:

Wingspan: 3,30m
Weight: 6kg - 9kg

Prototyp is allready flying (really fantastic)

We just need some further testings to start production.


looks like you have used my 3 views and dimensions.
Is it ?

Giuseppe Ghisleri
Fibricus schrieb:
Hi Guiseppe!

Yes, we took your 3view we found in rcsoaringdigest.
Beautifull design!

It took Uwe (Sandyman) about 3-4month for the prototyp.
Now we are working on the surface of the masterforms to create nice and new produktion molds.


I'll look forward to see your model.
Hope it will set a new trend in Deutschland.
Oben Unten