Jets under the Southern Cross 2012 - Villa Rumipal - Argentina


This weekend I had the privilege of participating in this very nice jet meeting in Argentina. Again I thought that this was worth posting in the German forum as this place has a very strong German presence but unlike Joinville in Brazil it happened by unusual circunstances. About 50 pilots participated and they bringed 100 turbine powered models, many of them unique. I attended this event with my sister and my nephew, wich live near this place by Argentinian standards, 700 Km(!) . I also had a great time meeting them, my old friends, and some great new ones.

Just created a small video with a few pics, and later will make a more technical one with more details. Hope you guys enjoy it!

and this is the place, near the runway at Villa Rumipal:

Gruß, Enrique
Ansicht hell / dunkel umschalten
Oben Unten