JR/Horizon Hobby Aerotow USA

Hey friends in Germany:
Here is a link to a PDF file with information about the 2005 JR aerotow. This is the biggest national level Grossegler seglerschlepp in the US. If any of you have been to, or remember the ELMIRA Aerotow held at Harris Hill NY, this is growing to be very similar.
Peter Goldsmith Team JR manager has organized a super event. He asked me to invite any German pilots who might like to vacation for a week in the USA and fly for four days. They will feature a scale sailplane Cross country event, plus lots of fun flying.
The dollar is cheap now, so give it a thought.

JR Aerotow

Go here for a link to pictures from the first JR seglerschlepp in 2003.

Sorry these are all in English except the pictures :)

Video clips (Quicktime) from last years event.

If anyone has interest they can contact me for additional info.


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Hallo John,

das wäre wirklich eine Überlegung wert, aber es stellen sich ein paar Fragen.

Erstens, wie sieht es mit den Frequenzen aus, wir fliegen hier in Deutschland ja 35 Mhz und in USA fliegt man 72 Mhz. Ist es möglich vielleicht, dass man mit einer Ausnahmegenehmigung auch auf 35 Mhz fliegen darf ? (in Deutschland wird das bei Großereignissen manchmal praktiziert)

zweitens, ist die AMA-Lizenz auch für ausländische Piloten notwendig, selbst wenn diese z.B. über den DMFV weltweit versichert sind ?

Besonders der X-country-wettbewerb würde mich reizen.


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Hallo Thommy;
I can speak directly to these questions from my own experience organnizing the Elmira Aerotow (Seglerschlepp). We had several Groups of German and swiss pilots come over to fly with us.

1. You must fly on 72 mhrz U.S. frequncies to be legal. If you fly Graupner, then there is no problem, because JR can most likely help you with modules and reciever crystals. They are the same design. I do not know to what lengths they will go, but I think that they might lend you the equipment for the week end. They are very good at support.
2. You must join the U.S. AMA. It is a political thing, and I have tried to get around it. I know about the DMFV insurance, but the AMA must have there money if you go to an AMA sponsored event.. They do have a guest liscense. All you need is your German club membership card to qualify. I think the charge is $25.00 USD. The liscense is good for your entire stay in the U.S.
There were German pilots who came to the Elmira Aerotow and demanded to fly on 35 mgrz. In our case we let them, but I don't think JR will. I can inquire with Peter to get his feeling on this. I think it is unsafe for the European flyer and not so dangerous for us. Why risk your sailplane?
More later,
Since I posted this message, I spoke to Peter Goldsmith the event director. He said if you fly Graupner/JR radio equipment they will fully support you with modules and Recievers on the correct frequencies when you arrive. These would be loaned to you for the event at no cost. If you choose to buy your own before coming that is up to you.

If you fly Multiplex, Horizon Hobby distributes Multiplex in the U.S. also. While they can not provide free support, they will do what they can to help on an individual basis. Peter suggests working in advance of a visit if you have questions or problems with getting Multiplex 72 mhrz equipment for your needs.

If you would like to ship sailplanes to the U.S. in advance of your visit, they may be sent to the Horizon Hobby warehouse in Champaign IL for safe keeping until you arrive. They will be waiting for you at the event when you get there.
I can provide contact information directly or you can get it from the PDF file in my original message.


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Hi Thommy,
als 'Hangflieger' solltest Du besser am 6- pack treffen am Eagle Butte von May 24-26 teilnehmen, und anschliessend Roadtrip nach Kalifornien, da hast Du sicher mehr davon.
(wobei ich JR Aerotow keinewegs abwerten will).

If Slope soaring, (Hangflug)is what you want, then Torrey Pines in California is the place to go. Eagle Butte is also a good place to visit, and even better Kiona bluff, and Wallowa Washington is truely Alpine conditions.

However, what I have noticed is that in the U.S.A. when the wind dies very few fly the slope, It is almost a rule (not in every case) that everyone flys on the slope lift. In Germany I noticed this is less true. In my visits to the Teck I have observed it seems to be more flying out to find thermals as well as slope lift.

At Torrey Pines for example they fly out over the ocean, when the wind dies nobody flys. At Kiona Butte in Washington there are often abundent thermals to find. It depends on the place.

At an aerotow, unless it rains, you fly all day every day.


to sign up for the AMA insurance you can wait until you come to the U.S. and arrive at the event.
If you come to the
U.S. just to fly with friends around the country, and not a sanctioned AMA event, it may not be so important, depending on where you are flying.


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Hallo Thomas,
vom fliegerischen Unterhaltungsfaktor hast Du sicher recht, aber manchmal zählen ja auch andere Dinge ;)
Außerdem bin ich ja soviel Hangfliegen.

@JD An der Teck hängt es vom Hang ab, ob man eher Thermik oder eher Hangwind fliegt. Hinzukommt dass bei uns sehr wenig reine Hangmodelle geflogen werden, die wirklich nur zum heizen taugen.
Ansicht hell / dunkel umschalten
Oben Unten