Latecoere 298

Hallo Ewald,
Thanks for your quike response , faster than mine indeed ;)
Aircombat in France does not "take off" ! Only 3 or 4 contest per year organized by the same guys in Paris.
I think you met them at WASG 2010, they were flying Greatplanes Models. They really enjoyed , they said .
Last april I organized an aircombat in my club (Caen , Normandie) and people seemed to be interesting but only one guy flew with me in PAris last week.
I will organize again ( in April 2013) a contest in caen, to get more people from my club practising Aircombat.
When I ask people why don't they want to fly aircombat , it's always the same answer : Too much crash, and so too much expansive ..:cry:
Even if I try to convince them that crashed do occur not every time, they don't believe me.

Ok, I do not give up anyway :) :cool:
It's so cool!

Concerning the Laté ( as we say in France), I'm gonnafinally build a Laté 299
thanks to all
Best regards
PS : Enclosed a pic of my scratch Dewoitine 520 (700g + OS 15 CVA) => great fighter

Bon chance

Bon chance

Hello Pascal,

thanks for the insights to the french Aircombat scene. A few years back when I was visiting France, I picked up a french modell magazine, which indeed had an Aircombat modell plan inside. It was a Spitfire.

Which locations are used for the Aircombat contests? Anything near the german border?

Best of luck on developing the scene.

Best regards


Hallo Pascal,

thx for the info. You should post the dates for next year also in this forum.

Maybe someone will join, if it fits the vacation schedule.

As for the Late - how are you going to build it? Balsa or Foam?

Best regards



Aircombat in Caen : 21 Avril 2013

The Laté will be build of foam+ brown paper , exactly the same process/material as the Dewoitine.

TschüSS :cool:



Hello Pascal,
do you have a good drawing?
Or do you use the same like we in Germany?
(They are in the Late299 thread.)

The german and Swedish models looks ok, but the Italian GFK Latecoere looks too slim.

Can you send me some Information about all your contests, I write these contests into our CoRe Database.

Then all ACES pilots can see automatic to your contest information on our website.

Hello Theo, hello all
in fact I use a 3 views drawings that I scaled to 1:12. I took into account the designs rules you wrote with other competitors (+- 5% length and WS, +-2cm othersdimensions, etc...).
But I am gonna to change my Laté 298 into a Laté 299. I agree with you about the italian one. I saw the 299A, but -and it's only subjective- I prefer the 299 .
Concerning the contests , I will confirm you at the end of this year. In caen it's scheduled on 21 April (to be voted in december but it seems to be ok). The others are around Paris and I have to ask to guys who organize.
Thanks to all for you interest . I will let you know about the next events.

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