M346 and Alpha-jet


First, I don't speak German very well, so forgive me to write in english.
I have two questions :

- does anybody know where to find the complete plan of Dirk Juras' Alphajet. On the FMT website, there is only sections S1 to S18 but it misses R1,R2, R3, FW1 and FW2. Tails buildings plans are also missing as well as the wingspan's instructions for building. I don't know how to connect the wing to the body (angle...). I need these information because I love this plane.

- does anybody know where to find a plan of the Aermacchi M346. I felt in love of this plane at Salon du Bourget 2005. It is awesome but it's hard to find a piece of information to build it. I need some help !

Thank you,
For Dirks Juras I unfortunately can't help you.

For the Airmacchi do a search in google for Jak/AEM-130. It's basically the same aircraft except the engine and avionik systems.

There should be some nice documentation on several russian sites.

Hi Ro!

Please get in touch with Uwe Puchtinger from FMT. He will definitely be able to help you. If he doesn't have the missing drawings, he can contact Dirk to send you the drawings. His e-mail is uwe.puchtinger[at]vth.de

Spunki from rc-network build a Yak-130 a couple of years ago. He might be able to help you.


Thank you for the mail of Uwe. I contacted him just before writing this post !
I just saw Spunki's jet, it is a kit but it has not exactly the same shape as the real one. It is a shame !
I now do have a good plan 3 vues, but I need the sections of the body, but maybe somebody know how to do it with only the plan 3 vues ?
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