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MIG 21 MF 1/3,8 scale


Hello Murugel,

you are a wizard !!!

Outstanding MIG.

Would be great if you ever build a SU-27 or SU-35 in the size for one or two Xicoy X45-Turbines. ;)

Best regards

I want to make SU 34 but for 2 P 100 or 140Anhang anzeigen 2179039
Damn, i can´t wait for that one :-O What a Beauty!!!!

Personally i´d rethink the choice of a Mig 17. It´s a Beautiful Jet but very close to the 15.
With the work you put into your jets, i´d choose something a bit more different like a 19 or 25 or something.

But thats up to you. I´m Looking forward to any Jet of Mugu Modells :)

Best regards

Hi Mugurel,
I agree totally with David - why not something new???
I personally love the Russian Jets like a Mig-25 for example.

With your talent any easy task :D:p:cool:

Cheers Thomas
Oben Unten