Neue Technologie von Futaba

Hallo Hans-Peter,

kauft ihr euch Autos ohne ABS und ESP ?
'hat eh keinen Sinn, denn...'
diese Argumentation stimmt so nicht ganz. ABS und ESP sind eindeutig sicherheitsbringende Systeme, beim MP3-Player habe ich da noch einige Vorbehalte. :D

Gruß Meinrad


Hallo zusammen,
gibt es eigentlich genauere Infos über das "Channel-Swapping" ?
Das würde mich mal interessieren, wie das arbeitet.
Gruss Frank

October 11, 2004

As all of the forums have posted, the 14MZ will be 2048 PCM. This is double the resolution of the 9Z radio (1024). Futaba is the first to provide a 2048 PCM system - no one else in the industry has it. This is the 3rd generation in PCM Technology from Futaba.

Not only has the resolution doubled from the 9Z - the frame rate is now 40% faster. The 14MZ speed is 17.6 milliseconds, compared the 9Z speed of 28.5 milliseconds.

How will all of this benefit you? The combination of 2048 PCM and the frame rate speed produces "Real Time Response," the closest you'll be able to come to real-time flying. No radio except the 14MZ will give you the unprecedented precision of "Real Time Response."

October 7, 2004

The 14MZ will have dual internal processors! One uses the Windows CE operating system and functions as the brain for the 14MZs operating, communications, and programming functions. The other is a Custom Futaba Processor that will manage all of its flying functions.

Why is Futaba using two processors? To ensure that neither the Windows CE operating system nor the Custom Futaba Processor will bog down. This improves the efficiency of the flying functions as well as the operating, communications, and programming functions.

Hi Raphael und Kollegen,

folgender Text kam heute von Futaba USA.

Gruss Martin

Dear 14MZ Enthusiast,

Thanks for signing up to receive more information on the
most advanced R/C system in today's market.

In our most recent update, we included information on the following features of the MZ:
- Dual Internal Processors
- "Real-Time Response"
- Large Full-color Transflective Screen
- Customizable Switches
- Wireless Frequency Setting System

This month, we have expanded our feature list to include over 15 system features. Some of the basic features include the following:
- 100 Model Memory - Store every model you'll ever own
- Flight Conditions - 9 flight conditions for each model
- Voice Prompts - Record audio clips and link them to any function
- Stick Precision - Dual ball bearings on each stick axis

For additional information about the 14MZ Radio, please be sure to check out the February issue of FLY RC Magazine.
Inside this issue, you will find a very informative 2-page advertisement, as well as a very detailed 6-page review written by FLY RC's Dave Baron.

We are working hard to get this system into production. At this time, we are expecting to make our first shipments of the 14MZ sometime in January 2005. But, we'll keep you posted if things change.

Please visit for more product
information as well as our weekly news updates.

Thank you.
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