Online 3D Competition (Fläche)

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veranstaltet einen Wettbewerb bei dem jeder mit einem Video teilnehmen kann.

Hier sind die Teilnahmebedingungen:
I got some great news for all you 3D pilots out there trying to show your skills.
Mark CzechAlien and I have been working together to bring back a new competition that anyone can enter!
The main goal is fun, but we also want to see some people throw down and try to win some prizes! This is going to be a video entry freestyle competition. We are gonna call it the Park Flyer Freestyle competition!
Here is the criteria/rules:
40% Choreography, timing and execution to music
25% Precision and difficulty of program
20% Level of risk (flying low, dodging obstacles, daring maneuvers)
15% Originality
All freestyle submissions must be posted by January 15th, this will be the last day for entry!
FUN FUN FUN that's the #1 rule.
Here's the rest:
Contestants should fly an aerobatic freestyle routine synchronized to their music of choice.
The video should be made after October 1st 2017 and not entered into another event or demo. (This means your routine must have been made for this competition, no recycling!)
Flights must be outdoors.
Entries may be uploaded to any video sharing website, but must be linked to this thread or accompanying Facebook page. (Keep in mind some video sharing websites will take videos with music down for copyright issues) Recommended sites are youtube and vimeo and facebook.
Plane restrictions:
Must be a fixed winged electric airplane.
Any model with a wingspan of 64” and under can be used.
No model may use a battery larger than one 6s 4000mah pack.
A clear "start of music" must be heard in the provided music to time the performance. (No long intros)
Flights must be between 2:00 and 4:00 minutes.
Landings and takeoffs are not necessary.
Judging begins when the music begins.
There can be no edits or cuts in the judged part of the video. If any evidence of edits is found the flight is null and will not be considered
No post production effects other than introductory and conclusion titling can be made with one exception -- music can be mixed in later to ensure high fidelity in the final video.
Please identify yourself at the beginning of your video with name/username.
Any breaking of these rules will result in a zero score!

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