pylon 400 with 1W25 and 3s Kokam 2.400 H5


There is small home made Pylon 400 with 4,1x4,1 prop, YGE120 pylon regler, Kokam 3s 2.400 H5 accu and home winded 1W25 motor, maded from 2W25.
Weight it is 630 g and wing surface 7,2 dm2.

When I find better accu, I will put cutted (4,2 inch) 4,75x4,75 prop or even cutted (4,1 inch) 4,75x5,5 prop.

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would you tell more about your pylon400? Maybe some pics? :)
And how do you changed the winding? I think it is a typhoon, isnt it?


First I am gently pick up "old" wire and put new one maded from 5x0,83 mm Cu wires. Wiering shema it is the same like original. Jazz do not work with this motor, Jeti it is to slow, but YGE take last atoms from it.
I do not know, but I think that this motor it is almost the same like Mega 25-16-1.
This motor have round of 30% more Cu like originall Typhon and I expect better efficient from it.
I am change ball bearings with better one.

- fuselage it is from cfk 93 g/dm2.
- wing it is balsa-stuero sandwich with 93 g/dm2 cfk surface, airfoil it is RK40.
- servos are Dymond D60.
- empty weight it is 180 g.

On this moment I have troubles with 2400H5 Kokam, they are to weak and I flight only in 20 second intervals, cca 3-5 minutes gliding...
I think that with better accu and stronger prop I will have troubles with YGE120 too.



New painting, blue is not visible enough.

I understand German language well, but I do not write.

400 km/h with cutted 4,75x4,75?

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