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RetroM by MuguModels Sportjet

superb design - new and very refreshing! I will definitely buy one :). When and where will it be available ?

Viele Grüße


You worked to much on that MIG-21 :-)

Can you please give us some further specs? Wing span, length, estimated weights. Which retracts are going to fit?
Der letzte Entwurf gefällt mir sehr gut: Obenrum Sichtkohle unten Orange. Wenn der Schlitten bezahlbar auf den Markt kommt wird einer geordert und meine Kolibri muss einer XICOY oder Kingtech 45er weichen ;)
Thank you very much! will be for xicoy retract and i will make the legs in carbon for Landing Gear !
All will be light structures airex fiberglass,long 1500 mm and wingspan the same.
Kit will come plane painted and legs for retract,price aprox 1150 eur plus VAT.
Will be ready for this winter!
For more info please send me mail to maneamugurel2000@yahoo.com
Thank you!😊


Hello Mugurel,

# I like it
# it is super super cool, my friend:):):):):):)

BG Otto
Hi, quite cool design.
Please let us get some feedback about issues regarding using 3D printed parts to make a mould from it.

Thx. and keep on going.
Oben Unten