Roman Vojtech: MPX Micro Speed digi


Gerade diesen bericht von Roman Vojtech gefunden. Kann das leider aus eigene erfahrung 100% bestaetigen (selber >15 'aufgeblasen').


Roman Vojtech (26/12/2004)

We bought these servos sometimes 1.Q.2003. Multiplex Micro Speed Digi are (were?) fast, digital (precise?), metal and relative cheap. So far so good, but troubles started this autumn. Vaclav crashed two Vikings when using these servos. I saw two friends emergency landing with F3B machines due failure of these servos and at the end my old but gold F3B Double Carbon Big Sting ended on winch without control. In all machines servos were on V-tail, failure here is usually fatal.

What happened? Always cause of servo failure was burned servoamplifier, suddenly and without no mercy. Melting everything inside servo, shorted on board DC and airplain out of control. We used on board DC 4 cells, but even with 5 cells it shouldnt cause such failure. Serial Nr. of mine are 300952 and 301220. No idea if this was just bad luck (10 servos?) or "general feature" of this type. Take care!
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