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The RC Custom Jets F-18

Started building the The RC Custom Jets F-18 because I can deliver the The RC Custom Jets models and want to give the right information to the possible buyers of these models.

Length: 2100mm
Wingspan: 1400 mm
Engine: 120mm EDF of 8 tot 12Kg turbine
Weight: 8-11kg

Haven`t decided yet if I will make it EDF or turbine, turbine is something I prefer but will see what the total weight will be finally.

Lasercutting by Sebastiaan from RC-Europe:
Started with the wings:

Eerst de standaard in elkaar zetten waar de vleugels op gebouwd worden:

Search for the ribs and go glue:

That was quick.
First making ailerons and flaps and decide were to put the servo`s.
After that wing tube and then I can sheet the bottom.

Aileron also 'finished':

Some 'scrap' material used for stiffening the spar, the middle original spar will also be cut for the hinges:

Used some extra balsa behind the spar for more grip:


Leading edge made out of balsa strips:

Later filling and sanding.
Making the aileron openings:

And flaps:
Added some balsa on the trailing edge for the hinges:

Added leading edge, after this I can cover the bottom side of the wings:
Ik was ook al een heel stuk opgeschoten met de romphelften:

Started with sheeting:

Misty is helping a lot :D

and decided to sheet the intakes instead of using the 'mold':

The formers for the landing gear mounts needs to be modified a little, in future kits this will be done.
Width is now 18mm and needs to be 22mm to fit the ER-30 or JP ER-120`s:


The ER-30`s will fit:

Enough free space at the air intake:
Because I didn`t like the fact that the vertical stabilizers needs to be build up directly with the fuselage I decided to slight them in later, therefor I needed to remove the notches:

The vertical stabilizers will be sheeted with 3mm balsa:
I also decided to use bearings on the elevators.

6mm steel and aluminum horn I allready needed, extar are the bearings:

Needed to modify the former on the inside slightly:

And on the outside:
And received today the retracts from JP:

Will need to modify the main legs a little but will show how and what later when other fuselage half is almost finished.
More sheeting on the fuselage:

Vertical stabilizers fully sheeted:

And elevator parts glued,sheeting will follow later:
6mm steel control rods bend:

Looking good:

Started with 3mm balsa sheeting:

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