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The RC Custom Jets F-18

Elevator rods glued:

And elevator somewhat balanced:
Just a few sheets to go and 1 fuselage half will be ready:

Slowly started with sheeting the other fuselage hafl.

From the vertical stabilizers I have sanded the leading and trailing edge in shape.
Then cut the rudders and shape that leading edge and test fitted the hinges:

After a light sanding session I can glass the vertical stabilizers and rudders, when that is finished I can glue the hinges in place.
Started glassing the vertical stabilizers:

Weight as is on the photo: 2350grams.

Have to pick up the pace again, havea busy time at the shop at the moment but will soon continue.
Fitting the front wing spar.

The files for the following kist are updated, my holes were just a little to small but with some sandpaper on the inner tube this was quickly fixed.

Next step is install the wiring for the servo`s and then closing the wings.
Placed the wiring in the wing:

Glued front side, next step clsing the wing:
The F-18 back on the building board:

Started witch opening the aileron and flap servo openings:

Made a aileron hatch and removed the skin so it will fit:

Also for the flap servo:

And fitted the aileron hinges:

Now have to close the LH wing so I can measure and adjust the wing pipes before fixing
Second wing fully sheeted::

Also the 2nd flap:

And placed wiring in one fuselage half:
Fuselage closed at the wing section:

Closing the gap:

Looks really great! It remembers me when I built my AH-1F Cobra helicopter from starwoodscalemodels.com. Fuselage was completely build in wood as well. :-)
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