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TopRC Model F-16 1/6

I must start off with apologizing for writing this in English, my German is simply not good enough :D

This weekend I treated myself to a new plane, the F-16 for TopRC model. I have been looking into this model for quite some time but was held back by the unavailability of the retracts. Since Prowing I had bene able to examine them and I was satisfied. Great "bang for buck" as they say, or at least that is what I hope to verify during the build.

It looks quite a bit bigger in my workshop then my 1:5 Jet legend L39 did

My first job was to build a a canopy lock system.

20190518_144934819_iOS (2).jpg
20190518_163238608_iOS (2).jpg
For the gear I opted for the electrical version including electrical brakes. To my surprise the kit came with a new version of the TopRC model gear sequencer which also controls the braking and has a build in gear door sequencer.

The quality of the wheels is ok, but not the best in class. I was anyhow planning to take them appart in order to paint them white to make it more scale

Here's a few pictures and 2 videos of the gear operation


Internal or external aileron push rods

Internal or external aileron push rods

Today I had a closer look at the wings. The kit is foreseen to make external steering of the ailerons as shown in the picture from the manuel.
aileron links.PNG

I was wondering if it would not be more pretty to make them internal so I build a small mock-up to test if I had enough room to make it work. The question remains if it is a good idea or not? and worth the effort?


Where did you buy the plane and gear. I think the gear is not available anywhere in europa so far. And are the doors pneumatik then..?
The price looks good. about 1000 Euro cheaper than Jetlegend. What about the quality of the kit?

best regards
The quality of the kit is OK considering the price. The wings are in CFK with a foam middle layer and carbon reinforced at the wing joiners. The fuselage is also fine quality but no foam core/airex build up; just plain glass & carbon reinforced.

Obviously the kit quality is not comparable to a skymaster kit but it is very ok and looks promissing. I am anticipating the few modifications here and there but nothing major.

The geardoors there are operated by servos & controlled via the gear sequencer that comes with the gear kit.

I bought mine @ Aerobertics.be he received the gear at Prowing directly from the TopRC.


Retract F16 toprc

Retract F16 toprc

Hello, I am looking for a distributor who sells the train system coming back to Europe. I have been flying for 3 months and I am stuck because nobody seems to have received. Thank you
Nice choise of schema! I am planning to put a 180 size engine in it but haven't decided yet. the Hybl turbine is one of the options, another is the Kingtech. Any advice on which one's to avoid?

I have not weighed the complete kit. I did weigh the main fuselage + nose section + gear installed = 7,5 kg.

While installing the gear I did run into an issue. It seems that the bulkheads in the fuselage were placed too close to each other or the gear dimensions were to large. I simply cut off 1cm extra material and made new Holes with M3 tread; now it fits like a glove.



I picked up my Model (also the Arctic Agressor scheme) today.
The Main Gear is mounted (not fixed) in the Model for Transport.
I did not take a closer look on the Main Gear, so i take some pictures and post it here.


I have weighed the model once now. Here are the individual weights of the components

Elevon 1: 227
Elevon 2: 241
Ruder: 311
Aluminum bars for Ruder: 25
Rocket Rails 106
Carbon bars for Wings: 170
Wing L: 643
Wing R: 617
Stabs: 95
Nose with wood Parts and top: 161
Duct: 70
Nozzle: 146
Main Fame: 3755
Nose Frame:1320
Main Gear: 1370
Main Tire: 306
Brakes: 160
Retract Control: 70
Front Gear: 550
Trust Tube: 530

Total: 10.873g
I will recieve mine when im back home from work end of the month.

Ordered also the Arctic Camo painting. Jean Marc has the plane in stock - including Electric retracts.

Did anybody know the volume of the fuel cells? I want to use a Behotec 180.
Mine arrived yesterday. Quality for money seems good.
Paint job need a few little correctures, especially the white areas.

Volume of the three included fuel cells is 7l!!!
Right/left 2.2 and Center 2.6l.

I think i wont use the center tank. Nobody need 7l in a plane this size.

Oben Unten