Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Field type or Flight type?

02.12.2011, 14:27
Dear All

This will be my first post here. As I can read German but it is very difficult for me to write in German, please allow me to write my post in English. I think it will be understandable.

First of all, my BIG Thanks to OLC team for bringing us this extraordinary good idea and so much fun in our weekends flights (when we not work or if weather permits!)

I just wanted to post an idea, perhaps it is not everybody's experience, but in my case it happens very frequently.

The OLC rules are clear, there are "Normal" and "Thermal" Fluggelande. This is the Rule and the Start Point.

People used to fly in a natural slope will know well what I mean that sometimes you can fly slope, but other days you launch from the slope, but fly thermals if there are any available. So, it's not a question of terrain type, it's a question of Flight Type, which I would also call Normal or Thermic to keep the original terminology.

What I do not know is how complicated or possible would be to analyze the scoring triangle, and depending upon the data collected, to classify the flight automatically by OLC software, which would both, be equal to all and also to allow to use most flyable days at our flying sites.

Best flights to all!