.40 - .60 3D FunFly?


Sorry about the english... But my German is very bad... :) I am looking for a good .40 - .60 size funfly model to buy while in Germany next month.

I want something like Island Hobbies Capiche 50, but I do not know if this is available in Germany?


Can anyone suggest anything else similar? and where would be a good place to get one in Germany? I will be staying in Cologne.


(perhaps someone would be able to translate this into german for me?) :D



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Dear Patrick,

very good are

MADNESS (for 7,5 ccm 2 stroke)
3D Flip 40 (for 10 ccm 2 stroke)

Both airplanes are ARF and ready in about 5-6 hours.

A ARF kits of the 3D Flip I have to sell. I´m living about 80 km north from Cololgne.

I was 20 year member of the german national team and 3 times TOC competitor.

If you are interested, give me a mail.

Peter Wessels
Hi, Thankyou for the suggestions, Both models look very good!

I will have a look at them when I get there.

I really want to fly a model when I am in Germany, But I don't want to have to take a Radio set and engine with me..

I am looking foward to seeing some good flying while I am there!


Does anyone know if you can buy the Irvine WildCard 3D fun fly or the Funstar 3D model (same plane) in germany?



Hello Patrick

how long do you stay in Germany. Where are you going to stay in Cologne (large city) - if you will stay on the eastern side for only a few weeks, it would make sense to consider to come to Aachen as being the manufacturer for the Madness I would gladly give you the opportunity to fly with my private plane during all the period of your stay.

By the way - we are also the distributor for the Capiche you were talking about.

best regards
Alvin Braeckman
Hi Alvin!

That would be great, I'd love to see a range of models flying as I love 3D flying! The Madness looks great - and so does the Capiche 50...

I will be staying at Martin Luther Platz for about 4 weeks, That is close to the centre of Cologne, but as you said - Cologne is a big city! My girlfriend has a car so travel shouldn't be a problem.

What is your email address? I would like to get in contact with you before I leave.


ahh - so you are Alvin Braeckman!

I have seen your website, you have some very nice models in your store!


Will be in touch

Oben Unten