Manecojet 2013

Hello! First of all, sorry about posting this in English, but I think that it is worth to publish this in this forum.

Next May 23 ~ 26 / 2013 - the biggest Brazilian jet event will be held at Chile, in one of best r/c club ever built(!) To make the story short, this invitational jet event gather some of the best r/c jet airplanes and pilots around the world in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere in a gorgeous new place... is important to notice that this invitational event is not open to the general public, as it is really a birthday party organized as a jet rally but there is no problem if anyone here is interested in attending, just email me at for making your credentials.

These are some images from the 2012 edition:

You may check the directions in google maps at: (the club is brand new and not shown in the satellite pics)

Best regards, Enrique


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Ich bin froh, dass es euch gefallen hat.

Und meiner Meinung nach, das beste Kompliment, wir empfangen

Mr.Emmerich fragte mich, für die Übersetzung in Spanisch und Portugiesisch diesem Brief

Ich war sehr nervös, wenn ich es übersetzt in die Öffentlichkeit! haha


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Ansicht hell / dunkel umschalten
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