RCFree v1 -- not getting altitude

I have about 20 flights on my RCFree. I'm using the Evo Backpack and have put the bar on the 1st set of holes on the frame. (1st set of holes at the front if facing from the front).

I fly anywhere from 1.6 - 2kg depending on the wind. I've noticed that at times it's very hard to get altitude. To get to 300 feet it can sometimes take 4-5 minutes. Is this normal or might i have a setting that is not correct.

If i fly slowly infront of me, I can sometimes see that there is a little loose in the brake lines. Are they supposed to be tight?

Hi Carlesd,

hard to estimate, couse I'm not with You.

It may make sense, when you pull your brakelines a bit
during getting attitude under support of motorthrust.

Also the center of gravity of the harness should be cecked
in interaction with more or less ballast.

On the other hand, when U solved already about 20 flights,
U can't always realise how are the conditions in between
this 300feet up in the air. Example, at this time Germany
we've autumn; lines n textil getting wet very quick. Result
all gets heavily a slow down the whole handling.

Finally, when u flew about 20 times u realised that one flight is not as the flights before -it depends ...
and a Singleskin is still a Singelskin.

Hope u understand, difficult so solve from here.
Wish u still have fun with your paraglider and I remember
me; sometimes it gets a little bit longer to make height ;)

All the Best'

Thanks Matthias for the reply.

I'll try several brake line settings to see if this changes the angle of the wing.

Question: on a paramotor what is the correct CG? Must the backpack face slightly upward?
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